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Lantek Announces Strategic Partnership with TECHNOLOGY Italiana

VITORIA-GASTEIZ, Spain, Feb 12, 2024 – Lantek, global leader in the Sheet Metal Industry, officially announces its partnership with TECHNOLOGY Italiana aimed at innovating and driving the future of the industry.

Lantek, at the forefront in automating sheet metal processes and all machines in the industry, announces a strategic partnership with TECHNOLOGY Italiana, a company that has been operating in the punching field for many years and is now opening up to a new market segment.

This exciting collaboration was formalized during TECHNOLOGY Italiana’s Openhouse, an event that highlighted the importance and impact of these synergies in the industry. At this event, TECHNOLOGY Italiana also unveiled its first laser, #Levante, marking a significant moment for both companies.

Sergio Castagnino, at the forefront of Lantek Italy’s office, expressed his enthusiasm about this collaboration: “Our participation in TECHNOLOGY Italiana’s Openhouse, coupled with the presentation of their innovative laser #Levante, is not only a demonstration of our commitment to supporting machine builders, but also an acknowledgment of the value of human relationships that develop through these partnerships. These collaborations are essential to redefine the future of sheet metal processing together.”

Federico Piccini, General Manager of TECHNOLOGY Italiana, confirms the premises: “We are excited to announce our partnership with LANTEK, an international leader in software for sheet metal processing. This collaboration allows us to offer our customers innovative and complete software solutions. We believe that partnerships founded on common values are fundamental, and we are confident that this combination will bring significant benefits to both parties. We look forward to sharing the fruits of this collaboration with our valuable clientele.”

The partnership between Lantek and TECHNOLOGY Italiana is more than a commercial agreement: it is a union of values and visions aimed at bringing continuous innovation to the industry, providing cutting-edge solutions for a rapidly evolving market.

Castagnino added: “We see huge potential in this collaboration, which fills us with enthusiasm to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation in our sector.”

This alliance marks the beginning of a new era of advanced technologies and revolutionary solutions, taking the sheet metal processing industry towards new horizons of excellence and efficiency.

About Lantek

Lantek is a multinational which is leading the digital transformation of companies in the sheet metal and metal industry. With its patented manufacturing intelligence software, it enables factories to be connected, turning them into Smart Factories. It rounds off its range of services with CAD, CAM, MES, and ERP solutions for companies that manufacture metal parts from sheet metal, tubes, and profiles using any cutting technology (laserplasmaoxycutwaterjetshearing and punching).

Founded in 1986 in the Basque Country (Spain), one of the main European hubs of machine tool development, Lantek enables the integration of sheet metal and metal processing technologies using the most advanced manufacturing management software. The company is currently the outstanding leader in its sector thanks to its capacity for innovation and commitment to internationalisation. With more than 25,700 clients in over 100 countries and 20 offices in 14 countries, it has an extensive network of distributors with an international presence. In 2020, its international business contributed to 88% of its revenue.

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