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LuxCreo Appoints New Executive Advisor, Establishes Dental Advisory Board

BELMONT, CA, USA, Nov 10, 2023 – LuxCreo, Inc., an innovative solutions provider for dental 3D printing, is pleased to announce that dental-industry veteran Ira Rosenau will join the company’s advisory board and serve as an Executive Advisor to the company. Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer Michael Strohecker described the opportunity to add Rosenau as a strategic advisor to LuxCreo: “Ira has a unique blend of skills and experience, including having built a business and brand in the dental 3D printing industry. We are excited to add his vision, messaging skills, and business experience to our LuxCreo team.”

Ira Rosenau

Founded in 2019 and backed by venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins, LuxCreo quickly made in-roads in the footwear and dental industries with a focus on innovating an integrated 3D workflow (including digital design, resins, software, and hardware).

The Dental Advisory Board will be instrumental in expanding LuxCreo’s footprint in the global dental industry by honing its expertise and offerings. The board will act as ambassadors for LuxCreo’s innovative solutions, fostering invaluable partnerships and collaborations within the dental community. The board plans to convene quarterly to evaluate progress, tackle challenges, and brainstorm on upcoming initiatives. Additionally, they will assist in crafting educational materials to educate dental professionals on the benefits and functionalities of LuxCreo’s solutions. Lastly, they will offer invaluable advice on future product and service developments ensuring they are attuned to industry standards and needs.

2023 saw major leaps forward for LuxCreo in its dental journey. It obtained the world’s first 510(k) FDA clearance for a direct print aligner, backed by clinical data on effective tooth movement. “This is a significant technological and regulatory advancement,” Rosenau noted. “Particularly when combined with LuxCreo’s innovative digital polishing results, this resin and the iLux Pro Dental workflow provides the dental industry with a truly clear, direct-printed, safe, and effective aligner that can be delivered to a patient in just hours.” LuxCreo also launched this year the powerful and compact iLux Pro Dental printing system for dental clinics and laboratories, including a co-branded version with dental powerhouse Glidewell Laboratories.

After 20 years as a commercial attorney, Rosenau joined Keystone Industries in 2015 as the president of the company’s dental division, overseeing all facets of Keystone’s comprehensive manufacturing of dental medical devices and pharmaceuticals, including the development and commercialization of the KeyPrint® line of dental 3D printing resins.

In addition to dental advisory board membership, Ira Rosenau will advise and collaborate on the go-to-market strategies for LuxCreo’s dental solutions/ His expertise will drive content creation and strategic partnerships, enhancing the visibility and adoption of LuxCreo’s innovative dental solutions.

Now working at 2.0 Consulting, Rosenau noted that LuxCreo was well-positioned to make a significant impact on dental professionals and patients: “LuxCreo is the best-hidden value in digital dentistry. I aim to help the dental world see the potential opportunities LuxCreo presents for better dentistry, better patient service, and increased efficiency and profitability for dental clinics and labs.”

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About LuxCreo

LuxCreo’s mission is to simplify and enable more sustainable production with additive manufacturing and digital 3D production. As a leader in 3D printing solutions, LuxCreo is committed to innovation, product excellence, and customer success. Providing fully integrated solutions – cloud connected 3D printers, AI-enabled printing software, and advanced materials, LuxCreo is transforming the way businesses design and manufacture products in consumer, medical, dental, and industrial industries. Backed by Kleiner Perkins, LuxCreo is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area and Beijing, China. For more information, visit

About 2.0 Consulting, LLC 

With 28 years’ experience as a business leader and commercial attorney, Ira Rosenau is an exceptional problem-solver to help navigate a wide range of complex business challenges. Using a unique combination of deep strategic thinking and outstanding tactical and organizational skills, Ira has forged success in the legal and business worlds, including becoming an innovative thought-leader in the dental 3D printing space.

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