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Overview on ESurveying Softech’s Software Solutions Road Infra Suite and Water Infra Suite for Infrastructure Industry

It was interesting to explore the new range of products developed by ESurveying software India private limited. These products offer an extensive range of solutions in the field of infrastructure. We at DailyCADCAM had an opportunity to go through the tools, and the review is here down the lines.

ESurveying Softech India private limited offers solutions to the infrastructure industry for the last 13 years, and they have customers worldwide. In India alone, 3500 different companies are using their software products in the field of Infrastructure Engineering. All these applications gel well with AutoCAD, BricsCAD and ZWCAD, and users need not learn new CAD tools.

They offer Solutions as different Modules to each Specific Requirement, and hence users can buy only limited items from the Range of Solutions they offer.

You can use their products in various Infrastructure projects such as Road, Rail, Pipeline, Tank, Bund, Irrigation Project, Structure, Etc. They have bundled most of their solutions together and providing Solutions as Road Infra Suite and Water Infra Suite.

Road infra suite

Road infra suite covers all aspects of road design, including geometric design, flexible pavement design, traffic analysis, and drafting tools. There are some unique algorithms developed to handle strengthening and widening projects. The vertical optimization tool in the software itself will design an optimized profile corrective course. The software allows you to create working cross-sections easily. Using this software, you can quickly develop typical cross-section templates and apply them to appropriate locations along the alignment. You can export Earthwork quantities, design layer quantities and variable quantities as reports.

Flexible payment design tools can handle and analyze the data from Benkelman beam deflection to obtain the characteristic deflections by reading the relevant codes as per the Indian Road Congress (IRC). It is also capable of estimating the vehicle damage factor and also million standard axles. Using VDF & MSA analysis results, the software will determine flexible pavement thickness are designed and presented.

There are many more tools that help the user to complete the design accurately while saving considerable time.


Water infra suite

It can handle the data right from the survey up to final presentable drawings, which includes hydraulic modelling, plan and profile drawings, BOQ quantities, and various design reports. It is interesting to note that there is no limitation on the number of nodes or pipes while doing the hydraulic modelling.

A good water supply pipe network must have optimized diameters while maintaining the required constraints such as velocity, pressure, and unit head loss. Water Infra Suite includes a unique algorithm to handle the diameter optimization in the case of hydraulic modelling.

The program provides Special tools for designing the vertical pipe profile while maintaining the given constraints like the minimum cover, Bend angles, pipe length etc. It also supports automatic air valve insertions and allows the user to insert the required valves at appropriate locations. There is a special provision to reckon the chainages of the pipe networks with the road alignment chainages.

Many more tools are convenient for the draftsman to work on text overlaps, finding the shortest path between two points in a network, extracting a report from a drawing of the number of households along with the nearest pipe network, etc.


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