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Prescient Technologies Unveils Factory CONNECT, Machine CONNECT and Power CONNECT Digital Factory Solutions at IMTEX 2024  

Pune, India, Jan 29, 2024: Prescient Technologies, an esteemed engineering software company headquartered in Pune, India, has marked two decades of delivering groundbreaking software solutions to engineering challenges. Boasting a team of over 300 skilled engineers specializing in CAD/PLM, Mathematics, Optimization, Vision-Image Processing, AI, and ML, the company has positioned itself as a pioneer in the industry.

In a recent development, Prescient Technologies unveiled its ‘Digital Factory’ offerings, featuring innovative solutions such as Digital Threads, Vision-Based Inspection, and IIoT solutions. Aimed at facilitating digitalization across diverse sectors, these offerings were showcased at the company’s booth during IMTEX, centered around the theme of ‘Digital Factory.’

Key highlights from Prescient’s participation in IMTEX 2024 include the introduction of solutions like Factory CONNECT, Machine CONNECT, Power CONNECT, and Digital Logbook.

Factory CONNECT, an end-to-end manufacturing execution system, enables complete digital integration within a plant, allowing real-time data capture across the entire manufacturing process. The system empowers companies to monitor critical quality and production parameters while facilitating quick response through custom alerts and notifications.

Machine CONNECT, a Smart Monitoring System, harnesses the power of IIoT for machines, providing users with critical data from field machines at their fingertips. This solution allows for the monitoring and management of machines globally, enhancing operational efficiency.

Power CONNECT, an IIoT-based solution, focuses on collecting and analyzing energy consumption at a plant. By correlating energy consumption with production, it offers insights into energy efficiency, identifying unproductive energy consumption and leading to cost savings on energy bills.

In addition to these solutions, Prescient Technologies showcased iNetra, an AI/ML-powered platform for visual-based inspection, along with a comprehensive range of IIoT and KBE (Knowledge-Based Engineering) solutions.

Expressing the company’s commitment to elevating manufacturing standards globally, Mr. Pravin Waghmare, CEO Prescient Technologies stated, “Our solutions underscore our commitment to bolstering manufacturing companies of all sizes, enabling them to achieve unparalleled standards of precision, quality, and efficient machine and energy management. We aim to catalyze a manufacturing revolution, contributing substantially to the Make-in-India initiative.”

Acknowledging the challenges faced by the manufacturing industry, the representative emphasized the significance of platforms like IMTEX, where industry professionals can find the right solutions. The company expressed satisfaction with the positive response received at the event and looks forward to further discussions to help companies overcome challenges with their innovative solutions.

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About Prescient Technologies:

Prescient Technologies stands as a global leader in engineering software solutions, driving innovation and transforming industries through cutting-edge technology and unparalleled expertise. With a focus on empowering manufacturing enterprises, the company aims to exceed global benchmarks and contribute significantly to the vision of the Make-in-India initiative.

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