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simulationHub Launches Engineering Simulation Approach to Revolutionize Large Infrastructure CFD Simulations

Pune, 30 Jan 2024 – Centre for Computational Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (CCTech) is excited to unveil a groundbreaking “Engineering Simulation” feature in its Autonomous HVAC CFD (AHC) application. This latest innovation makes it easier for building designers to achieve optimal occupant thermal comfort and indoor air quality in their projects. Tailored for large infrastructure developments, this feature is set to revolutionize HVAC system design by offering an affordable, efficient, and versatile tool that broadens the spectrum of design possibilities.

Key Innovations and Benefits:

  • Cost-Effective Design Solutions: With pricing at just 100 sq.ft/$, the engineering CFD approach introduces a cost-effective way to perform high-quality HVAC CFD simulations, ensuring affordability in the design process.
  • Specialized for Large Infrastructure: Developed specifically with large-scale projects in mind, this approach streamlines the design process, significantly reducing both time and computational costs.
  • Optimizing Space Utilization: Excelling in space utilization analysis, this using this feature achieve optimal layout and comfort across various settings.
  • Empowering Early-Stage Design: Ideal for early-stage architectural and engineering projects, it allows designers to experiment with different envelope, HVAC, and architectural designs, thereby enhancing decision-making right from the project’s inception.

Enhanced Interoperability and Automated Reporting:

  • Seamless Revit Integration: The AHC app’s integration with Revit ensures a smooth import and validation process of building models, enhancing both user experience and design workflow.
  • Comprehensive Load Calculation and ASHRAE 55 Compliance: The feature provides detailed heat load calculation reports and a comprehensive ASHRAE Standard 55 compliance report, offering insights into PMV and local thermal discomfort for each design under various load and weather scenarios.

A Word from Our Product Manager:

“Our latest engineering CFD approach democratizes high-end HVAC design, providing power large infrastructure CFD simulations in the hands of HVAC Designers. This is a significant stride toward creating more sustainable and comfortable environments in the industry,” states Aaditya Gajanan Ruikar, Product Manager at simulationHub.

Exciting Limited-Time Offer:

To celebrate this release, we’re also announcing a special, limited-period offer: Submit your design or floor plan for a large infrastructure project and receive your first Engineering simulation and ASHRAE 55 compliance report for free.

For more information on this transformative feature and to start a free trial, visit For further inquiries, contact Aaditya Ruikar at

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