Monday, June 17, 2024

SprutCAM X, SprutCAM X Robot Update 17.0.15 Released

LIMASSOL, Cyprus, May 9, 2024 – SprutCAM X and SprutCAM X Robot update 17.0.15 has been released. This update introduces 99 changes containing bug fixes and workflow improvements.

New features includes:

Added support for Kawasaki robots (BX300L model and others) in SprutCAM X and MachineMaker.

Support for 27 models of ROKAE robots has been added to MachineMaker. Kinematic models of these robots are now also available in the online robot library.

Increased the speed of Machining report generation with sketch output: optimized generation of sketches, which resulted in a significant reduction of Machining report generation time. It is especially noticeable when generating reports in a bulk group.

Updated the smart hints for Lathe part off, 5D by meshes, turn takeover, 3D helical, and Scallop operations.

Fixed bugs:

  • Fixed a critical error when recalculating an operation with the workpiece being taken into consideration.
  • Fixed errors when editing 4th and 6th axis limits for industrial robots.
  • Fixed hang when importing step files.
  • Fixed axes collision in the standard project that comes with SprutCAM X.
  • Fixed calculation of 5D by meshes operation in the standard project that comes with SprutCAM X.
  • Fixed errors when working with polar interpolation on lathes.
  • Fixed errors in the collision avoidance option.
  • Fixed search filter for online library in MachineMaker.
  • Fixed a critical error when importing a 3D model.
  • Fixed bugs with letter visualization in text editing window for Model mode.
  • Fixed link to TCP calibration app in Google Play.
  • Fixed bugs for the safe surface level option for adaptive machining strategy.
  • Fixed browser authorization errors.
  • Corrected errors in the Chamfering operation for the Climb/Conventional cutting option.
  • Fixed errors when working with spatial transformations.
  • Fixed errors in toolpath calculation in 6D Contour operation.
  • Fixed errors with incorrect workpiece calculation.
  • Fixed errors when calculating the trajectory with the workpiece taken into account.
  • Fixed a critical error when changing machinery in a project.
  • Fixed errors with plunging into the workpiece in the Waterline roughing operation.
  • Fixed a critical error in recalculation of Face milling operation.
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with kinematic schemes for CNC machines created in Machine Maker versions 16 and 17.
  • Fixed errors with localization when rolling back updates.
  • Fixed errors when setting an approach in Job Assignment.
  • Fixed an issue where the cutter shank did not cut into the wall surface when the shank was set equal to the diameter of the cutting part.
  • Corrected errors in the window with wire EDM parameters.
  • Fixed errors when launching SprutCAM on Windows 7.
  • Fixed errors in 2D Contour operation if the workpiece inspection option is enabled
  • Corrected errors in Corners Cleanup operation
  • Fixed errors in 2D Contour operation when Helical machining is enabled

Users with active technical support have already received notifications of the new release and can upgrade.

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