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ActCAD 2023 Update 777 Released

REDMOND, WA, USA, Nov 21, 2022 – ActCAD announces the release of its new version 777 for ActCAD 2023 Professional, Standard and Prime Versions.

This is a general maintenance release with few minor fixes as mentioned below:

  • Updated ODA dwg Libraries
  • Updated “Generate full report” check box on Options Dialog
  • Fixed some minor issues in Print command
  • Updated ActCAD API to support hash in std namespace
  • Fixed some issue in vlax-invoke-method function
  • Fixed incorrect appearance of line styles in “Add Linetypes” dialog
  • Fixed the issue of drawing with no point clouds shows warning about 2D visual style
  • Fixed some issue with non-dwg xrefs
  • Improved some scripts related to product testing
  • Fixed XREF with different UOR factor works wrong
  • Fixed crash issue while switching materials in the Import Materials dialog
  • Fixed some issues in BEDIT command
  • Fixed OBJ material with texture image is not read
  • Fixed the path setting for IcadPlot.log
  • Fixed make “Records from Xref Visibility” toggle also remove layers from drop-down lists
  • Fixed dynamic input issue in BOX command to fix width length values
  • Fixed too long layer names not recognizable in quick Select dialog
  • Fixed Surveyors units not consistent
  • Fixed Table Datalink to enable deletion of datalink when inserted as block
  • Fixed Table data Link status bar item is missing
  • Fixed the issue if UCS is moved, the object moves when the ARRAYRECT command is applied
  • Fixed Arc command with two parameters input
  • Fixed update layout tabs after vla-put-name on layout object
  • Fixed error in vlax-erased-p function
  • Fixed Help button in Select Coordinate System dialog box opens the wrong help topic
  • Fixed opening a drawing from a path containing IP address disables Read Only option in consequent openings
  • Fixed AEC entities not redrawn until REGEN in 3d view
  • Fixed certain bug to create new named ucs
  • Fixed the issue of textpage function does not work
  • Fixed the issue of Extrude do not work after profile offset
  • Fixed certain issues with snap functionality
  • Fixed the issue of mapcar cannot use vla-delete
  • Fixed the issue in XREF that can’t attach a drawing with the name containing dots and commas
  • Fixed vla functions should accept vlax-3d-point as argument even though the function waits for IIcadPoint or IIcadVector interfaces
  • Fixed the issue of command prompt disappearance in certain situation
  • Fixed crash on exit after doing F2F and loosing command line
  • Fixed some issue of importing .acb color books to ActCAD
  • Fixed bursting a non-explodable block insert
  • Fixed DYNMODE (nentsel) issue
  • Fixed certain issue with INSUNITS value setting
  • Fixed do not show message box “Current Customization is overriden” in CUI
  • Fixed zoom and pan are very slow in GLES graphics device
  • Fixed dynamic blocks lose their properties during WBLOCK
  • Fixed ESNAP APPINT doesn’t work
  • Fixed UCS issue of intersection Snap error
  • Fixed the issue of export to SLD not support polyline

The new versions are available from ActCAD download page. Existing users can use Check for updates command to get the latest version.

About ActCAD

ActCAD brings Global Collaborated Technology Expertise to you at very affordable life-time price. ActCAD is powered by the most latest IntelliCAD 10.1a engine, Open Design Alliance Tiegha Libraries and ACIS technologies. ActCAD has many enhancements, features and commands on top of IntelliCAD core. The add-on features, express menu commands allow ActCAD to become more productive for day-to-day projects. ActCAD works very closely with IntelliCAD on Development and Quality Assurance. Thanks to our highly automated test and build systems to keep our costs minimal. IntelliCAD was started in 1999 and has over 1 million trusted users now using IntelliCAD world-wide. ActCAD is a commercial member with active role in Release Committee and Board of Directors of IntelliCAD. For more information, visit

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