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AXON-vent HVAC Design Add-on Available for ZWCAD

GUANGZHOU, China, Apr 19, 2021 – ZWSOFT collaborated with AXON-vent, a distinguished HVAC software developer to present the “AXON-vent + ZWCAD platform” combination that allows HVAC designers to work faster and better.




Common Goal: Provide a Fast, Foolproof, and Affordable HVAC Solution

According to Mr. Dmitry Vargin, CEO of AXON-vent, it is the similarity between them and ZWSOFT that intrigued them to port AXON-vent to ZWCAD. “ZWSOFT reached out to us first and it caught our attention because the ZWCAD interfaces and user experience are familiar, and we wanted to offer a choice of CAD platforms to better meet our customers’ needs.”

Just like how ZWSOFT has spent over 2 decades on developing 2D CAD software, AXON-vent is built with efforts of 10 years to make every tool, feature, and button practical and handy for professional HVAC designers. Although HVAC design can’t get any easier with this duo, there are abundant resources to help you get your bearings. With the powerful DWG compatibility and graphic engine of ZWCAD, HVAC designers can open large files quickly, enter just a minimum of information at each step and leave the rest to this combo to focus on designing.


The AXON-vent add-on has been fully ported to ZWCAD


Design in 2D, View in 3D, Model in BIM

Speaking of the porting process that started back in December last year, Mr. Vargin recalled, “We have been positively surprised by a very smooth transition. From the developer’s perspective, this strongly indicates the maturity of ZWCAD and its APIs. It took about two months to get a working Beta version. All of the questions and issues that inevitably arose during the porting process of sophisticated 3D software for professionals were addressed quickly and professionally.”

Aiming to strengthen ZWCAD in the area of HVAC design, AXON-vent equips it with intelligent features such as dynamic real-time 3D view, automatic generation of BIM models, automatic pressure drop calculation, and automatic collision detection. “We see ‘AXON-vent + ZWCAD’ as the best choice for HVAC designers. Also, we have had a great pleasure to cooperate with very friendly API and marketing teams of ZWSOFT,” commended Mr. Vargin.


HVAC design with AXON-vent in ZWCAD


Supercharge HVAC Design with Advanced Technologies

Mr. Vargin added, “AXON-vent users design numerous projects ranging from civil engineering to industrial facilities, for example, subways and factories. And ZWCAD is a robust CAD platform that covers all functions needed by an HVAC designer. We noticed an increase in routine operation efficiency, which is especially useful for users working on large 2D or 3D projects.”

Aided by AXON-vent’s outstanding features that automatically combine 2D drawings with 3D and BIM models generated on the fly, HVAC designers can make the most of the full-featured ZWCAD. In addition to that, Mr. Vargin said they will continue to develop their “Effortless BIM” technology that allows HVAC designers to benefit from BIM without suffering from hard-to-learn and hard-to-use software. “The support of ZWCAD will allow us to offer AXON-vent capabilities to a broader range of customers and better meet existing users’ needs by reducing the total cost of software while maintaining functionality, reliability, and performance,” he concluded.

If you are an HVAC designer looking for a practical, reliable, and affordable design package, don’t hesitate to buy AXON-vent online and start the 30-day free trial of ZWCAD.


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