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Tata Technologies, BMW Sign Joint Venture Agreement for Development of Automotive Software, Business IT Solutions Across India

MUNICH, Germany and PUNE, India, May 2, 2024 – The BMW Group and Tata Technologies, a global product engineering and digital services company have announced that they have signed an agreement to form a Joint Venture (JV) with the aim to establish an automotive software and IT development hub in Pune, Bengaluru and Chennai, India. The execution of the JV agreement is subject to review and approval by the relevant authorities. The main development and operations activities shall be established at Bengaluru and Pune. In Chennai, the focus shall be on business IT solutions.

Embodying the ethos of ‘engineer in India for the world’, the JV will leverage Tata Technologies’ digital engineering expertise and talent pool in India to contribute to the BMW Group’s strategic expansion of software coding capabilities across global IT hubs and 24/7 operations. The JV will focus on strategic software development, including solutions for software-defined vehicles (SDV). In automotive software, the focus will be on automated driving, infotainment, and digital services. In business IT, the emphasis will be on digitalization and automation of product development, production and sales. From the inception of this JV, 100 trained and experienced Tata Technologies professionals will ensure robust and immediate contributions to software projects. The JV is likely to grow quickly to a four-digit number in the following years.

Commenting on the collaboration, Warren Harris, CEO and MD of Tata Technologies, said, “Our collaboration with the BMW Group demonstrates our commitment to providing top-tier solutions in automotive software and digital engineering to customers across the world. Aligned with our vision of engineering a better world, we’re excited to bring our expertise to the forefront, aiding BMW Group in engineering premium products, delivering great digital experiences for their customers and propelling its digital transformation journey in Business IT.”

Nachiket Paranjpe, President of Automotive Sales, at Tata Technologies, commented “In the evolving automotive landscape, the journey towards software-defined vehicle represents a pivotal shift in automotive software and vehicle development methodologies. We will leverage our deep domain knowledge and SDV expertise to collaborate with the BMW Group towards engineering vehicles that are not just technologically advanced but deliver exceptional experiences to consumers around the globe.”

Christoph Grote, Senior Vice President of Software and E/E Architecture commented: “Our collaboration with Tata Technologies will accelerate our progress in the field of the software-defined vehicle. In international comparison, India boasts a large number of talents with outstanding software skills, who can contribute to our software competence. Developing vehicle software for the BMW Group means working with top-class processes and tools, which in turn gives Indian software engineers the chance to shape state-of-the-art, premium automotive experiences in future fields such as highly automated driving and artificial intelligence.”

“The expansion of international DevOps hubs has clearly proved to be a successful model for the BMW Group. I am therefore extremely pleased that we have found a strong and valued technology partner with Tata Technologies and are now also expanding our footprint in India,” said Alexander Buresch, CIO, and Senior Vice President of BMW Group IT. “

This collaboration between Tata Technologies and BMW Group represents a shared vision of innovation and excellence in automotive engineering and digital solutions.

About Tata Technologies: 

Tata Technologies (BSE: 544028, NSE: TATATECH) is a global product engineering and digital services company focused on fulfilling our mission of helping the world drive, fly, build, and farm by enabling our customers to realize better products and deliver better experiences. Tata Technologies is the strategic engineering partner businesses turn to when they aspire to be better. Manufacturing companies rely on us to enable them to conceptualize, develop and realize better products that are safer, cleaner, and improve the quality of life for all the stakeholders, helping us achieve our vision of #EngineeringABetterWorld. For more, visit us at or learn more here. Follow us on  Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube for the latest updates. 

About The BMW Group:

Consistent, demand-oriented expansion of worldwide software expertise.
Thanks to the global distribution of the BMW Group’s software hubs, software is developed and integrated in real time in the cloud around the clock. The global development team for vehicle software is already creating up to 140,000 software builds per day across the entire ECU software (1 build = 1 source code change/creation that can be executed in the vehicle software, including automated testing).

The BMW Group started its own automotive software development over 20 years ago. Since then, it has continuously expanded its global network of development teams for both automotive software and business IT solutions. For several years now, IT- & Software Hubs in Germany, the US, South Africa, India, Portugal (Joint Venture Critical TechWorks) and China (LingYue Digital IT Co. Ltd. and BA TechWorks) have been strengthening the premium manufacturer’s software expertise. Combining software for digital vehicle environments and business IT synergistically according to the DevOps principle provides major advantages, particularly when it comes to backend and application development and operation. In total, over 9,400 people work in IT and software development for the BMW Group and its Joint Ventures worldwide and the company continues to build up skills successively and demand-based.

Just recently, the BMW Group had announced signing of a JV contract with regard to the establishment of a new IT and software hub in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. In the future, this JV will provide development services for business IT in Europe, including software development for human resources, production, sales, and BMW Group Financial Services. Execution of this contract is still subject to review and approval by the relevant authorities. For more information, visit

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