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C3D Labs and Rubius Expand their Geometric Modeling Technology Partnership

April 20, 2023: Rubius Group and LO CNITI developed the first third-party CAD solution based on the geometric kernel from C3D Labs in 2013. For this, they purchased a license to the C3D Modeler component, a part of the C3D Toolkit. Ten years later, the demand for domestic software solutions drastically increased. Today, even the most sophisticated CAD systems are based on the C3D kernel.

Rubius Tech Group company subsidiary confirmed C3D Labs authorized developer status in 2023 for a seamless, fast transition of its customers to the domestic geometric kernel.

The Rubius Tech experts claim the C3D Modeler geometric kernel is perfect for engineering software. The product supports wireframe, surface, solid, sheet, polygonal, and direct 3D modeling.

The capabilities of other C3D Toolkit modules are also very impressive. With the C3D Labs products, one can build, edit, and parametrize geometric models, do the math, visualize, and convert data in many formats.

Anton Kudinov, CEO, Rubius Group

Anton Kudinov, CEO, Rubius Group:
“Prompt tech support from C3D Labs helps our developers. We always get detailed answers and instructions in a very short time. We have strengthened our expertise in CAD development through collaboration with C3D Labs. We appreciate our long-standing partnership and will continue our joint efforts.”

Oleg Zykov, CEO, C3D Labs

Oleg Zykov, CEO, C3D Labs:
“Rubius is one of our trusted partners with proven competencies gained through many challenging domestic and international projects. We are happy to recommend our colleagues to a customer who needs extra resources for developing applications based on our components.”

About Rubius Tech:

Rubius Tech is a Rubius Group company and a specialist in efficient CAD systems, comprehensive enterprise solutions, and AI tools. The company’s portfolio includes 70+ software projects from plugins to complex systems serving thousands of users. Gazpromneft, PIK, Rusal, and DCS are among the key customers.

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