CAD Exchanger 3.12.0 Released, Supports IFC4 Import


CAD Exchanger announces the release of CAD Exchanger 3.12.0 — a toolset for 3D CAD software developers and end-users.

CAD Exchanger 3.12.0 major features:

  • IFC4 import
  • Video tutorials and sample 3D models in CAD viewer and converter
  • Enhanced algorithms of CAD Exchanger developers tools
  • Improved support of CAD models properties

Complete changes log here.

IFC4 import with CAD Exchanger

CAD Exchanger has supported the IFC format since 2018. Until recently, version IFC2x3 was the only one available. And now users can import IFC4 files, including all the entities by IFC 4.1 specification: B-Rep representations, assembly structure, names, user-defined properties, colors, and layers.

Detailed information:

Three months ago, CAD Exchanger launched its new user interface. The focus of the following releases is to expand UI functionality and improve its appearance. To date, we’ve enhanced the usability of the tool, integrated video tutorials to guide users through the basic processes, and added sample 3D models to let users test out CAD Exchanger even without their own CAD models at hand.
Video tutorials and sample 3D models
Enhanced algorithms of CAD Exchanger developers tools
Improved scope and algorithm of CAD Exchanger SDK
Capability to identify elements of the model’s product structure with globally unique identifiers (GUID) was expanded to B-Rep shapes, the bounding box computations for complex geometry were sped up, the API for applying transformations to surfaces was improved in specific cases, and duplication of materials in the model was eradicated through smarter sharing of textures.
Unity plugin improvements
CAD Exchanger team updated its Unity plugin to simplify and ameliorate CAD model integration into the Unity scenes:
●       Preservation of the relationships between constituent GameObjects and their originating CAD Exchanger entities during the conversion of ModelData_Model to GameObject.
●       Support of line sets, point sets, names of triangle sets in product structure, and TGA and TIFF external textures.
●       Easier access to the model’s metadata (names, IDs, user-defined properties, layers, PMI).
●       Sustainable conversion between different coordinate systems.
Improved support of CAD models properties

The CAD Exchanger team resolved a massive collection of issues in various components to refine the support of 3D model geometry and other properties retained during the import:

  • Bezier surfaces from STEP files
  • Sweep segment surfaces from CATIA model
  • Sheet bodies, cylindrical and planar faces, and offset surfaces in Parasolid, JT, NX, Solid Edge, and SOLIDWORKS
  • Recording missing external references in Creo models
  • Better component placing and import of component names from SOLIDWORKS
  • Better names and layers transfer within CATIA, DWG, DXF, SolidWorks, STEP, and STL files
  • Improved coloring of the SOLIDWORKS B-Rep objects
  • Improved import from FBX when multiple materials are assigned to different regions of a single mesh

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