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Nanosoft Releases nanoCAD 24 Multilingual Edition

MOSCOW, Russia, Apr 24, 2024 – Nanosoft AS is excited to unveil nanoCAD 24, the platform’s inaugural multilingual edition, designed to empower global users. This breakthrough release, enriched with extensive multilingual support, including English, German, Spanish, French, and Korean, signifies Nanosoft’s dedication to enhancing global design collaboration. Featuring a suite of advanced tools and functionalities, nanoCAD 24 promises to revolutionize design processes, catering to the diverse needs of professionals in architecture, engineering, and construction.

Frode Rødland, CEO of Nanosoft AS, emphasizes, “The launch of nanoCAD 24 aligns with our mission to democratize design technology, making sophisticated CAD solutions universally accessible and fostering a vibrant community of designers and engineers.”

With comprehensive multilingual support, users around the globe can now experience nanoCAD in English, German, Spanish, French, and Korean, enjoying more intuitive and efficient design work than ever before.

The release of nanoCAD 24 showcases an unparalleled leap forward in CAD technology, embracing global diversity and innovation. The development team, fueled by insightful feedback from our valued users and beta testers, has introduced new features and improvements that redefine the boundaries of CAD software capabilities.

What’s New in nanoCAD 24 platform:

  • Layer Manager: A newly designed toolbar that simplifies layer management.
  • Layer Translator: A tool to manage, remove, and merge layers.
  • Plot Dialog Update: Improvements in the plotting experience, including a new “Preview” button.
  • Text Editing Enhancements: New shortcuts and a function for copying text format.
  • Centroid Snap: A feature for finding the center of mass of closed objects.
  • Coverings Library Update: New textures in the sections of Wood, Roofing, Landscape Design.
  • Inquiry Toolbar Update: A new Area tool for finding area and perimeter.
  • CAD Standards Toolbar: Includes commands like Standard Settings, Configure, Check, and Layer Translator.
  • ETRANSMIT Command Update: Improved functionality for sharing drawings.
  • Point Cloud Project Manager: new toolbar allows you to manage the project created during the import of point clouds.

Learn more about all the improvements of nanoCAD Platform in the What’s New section.
What’s New in Topoplan Module:

  • New Command for Projecting Objects on a Surface
  • Setting Attributes when Importing Geopoints
  • Copying Column Data
  • Updated Appearance of Dialogs for Working with Geopoints
  • Underlay Type Storage
  • Conversion Precision Adjustment

Learn more about all the improvements of the Topoplan module in the What’s New in nanoCAD Topoplan 24 section.

What’s new in 3D Solid Modeling Module:

  • Corrected Direct Modeling
  • Improved Parametric Modeling
  • Corrected Sheet Solids

Learn more about all the improvements of the 3D Solid Modeling module in the What’s New in nanoCAD 3D Solid Modeling 24 section.

What’s new in Construction Module:

  • Import large IFC files (1 Gb+)
  • Quick Selection of frozen and hidden layers
  • Setting the object coordinate system by UCS
  • The bug has been fixed due to which zeros in the fractional part were cut off in room and area markers regardless of the Number of decimal places setting.
  • The bug in the Stamp Creation Wizard has been fixed. Due to this the thickness and color of the stamp lines could not be determined by the design settings.

Learn more about the improvements of the Construction module in the What’s New in nanoCAD Construction 24 section.

What’s new in Mechanica Module:

  • New Types of 3D Thread
  • Flange Properties
  • Now the parameters of a sheet solid are displayed in the Parameters Manager.

Learn more about all the improvements of the Mechanica module in the What’s New in nanoCAD Mechanica 24 section.

Nanosoft AS invites the global design community to explore the full capabilities of nanoCAD 24 and leverage these innovative features to bring their creative visions to life with unparalleled ease and efficiency.

Current nanoCAD users with valid paid subscriptions can upgrade to nanoCAD 24 at no additional cost. New and returning users are encouraged to experience the enhanced capabilities of nanoCAD 24 through a 30-day trial version, available now.

As Nanosoft AS continues to pioneer advancements in the CAD software industry, we remain committed to delivering high-quality, cost-effective solutions that empower designers, architects and engineers to achieve their best work. The introduction of multilingual support in nanoCAD 24 represents a significant leap towards making advanced CAD tools accessible and user-friendly for designers worldwide. By embracing linguistic diversity, we aim to foster a more inclusive and productive global design ecosystem.

For more information read the Press Release.


nanoCAD 24 is available for purchase and trial on the official company website, Users with existing paid subscriptions can access their free upgrade today by logging into their account.

Stay connected for more updates and to join our mission of bridging design communities worldwide with nanoCAD 24.

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