Tuesday, November 28, 2023

CADISON R21 Released

ITandFactory GmbH has started the new year with the new release of the CADISON R21, making it a leading edge engineering software. With over 200 new enhancements, the CADISON development team has revised and significantly improved all modules: From design & planning in 2D and 3D to the creation of P&IDs or circuit diagrams to enhanced document management in MATPIPE.

The new version has been released and CADISON Users can download the R21 from the customer portal.

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CADISON R21 is now compatible with AutoCAD 2022 on the Windows 10 operating system with 64-bit environment. It also supports AutoCAD 2020 and AutoCAD 2021 for customers who are still in the migration phase but want to take full advantage of CADISON R21.

Highlights at a glance:

Create a layout drawing with a click
With this new release of CADISON R21, creation of a new layout drawing is achieved with a single click. A template that already contains the details of Drawing Border and Title Block, simplifies this step considerably. And thus the exchange of a Drawing Border and Title Block is possible without any additional questions from the software.

“CADISON Publish”: Automated export of drawings
This new command allows you to define and save configurable export options. At any point, the defined export processes can be triggered again. The export process is carried out automatically in the background so that users can continue to work during this time. In addition, export operations no longer have to be carried out manually.

Extensions to the IFC interface facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration
Previously, the attributes to be exported to external systems were fixed to the CADISON object type. In CADISON R21, another object’s property can also control the attributes to be exported. This has the advantage that the sender can specify conditions that the recipient, who does not work with CADISON, also understands the exported data. This will further simplify the data exchange with project participants from other disciplines. In addition to this, the exported IFC data can contain information about buildings and floors from the CADISON project. This makes it easier for the recipient to integrate the data from CADISON into a building model.

MATPIPE made more advanced for Simpler Document Management
Since the management and access of the right documents is a key factor for our users, CADISON R21 has been significantly improved to make the document management in MATPIPE much more simple. In addition, the automated output of the datasheets in the required language is now possible. With the new functions in MATPIPE, users are saved from a lot of manual work. And it will be even easier to fulfill the documentation per necessary standards.

Simplified import of Inventor and other 3D CAD models in the 3D Designer
With the improved import function, a pipe class is assigned to a connection port. Complete connection information can then be determined from this connection point. This also allows the automatic completion of the pipeline from CADISON, which can be used immediately, thus making the subsequent piping of the imported 3D model significantly easier and more precise. In this way, seals, counter flanges and screw groups are generated fully automatically.

Symbol editing is made easy with the New Editor
With the new Symbol Editor, CADISON users can display the definition of existing symbols (such as taps, valves or pumps) with all connections and attributes in a drawing. Based on existing symbol definitions, it is possible to create new symbols. Alternatively, users can edit existing symbols directly from the Object Manager to change the graphics, connections and attributes. This makes it easier to revise symbols. In addition, the symbols can be adapted to the client’s standards effortlessly.

Improvements in the Form Designer and Input Forms
The Input Forms and the Form Designer have been regularly improved and are now core components of the system, as CADISON users use them intensively. R21 comes with a completely renewed Form Designer. Thus, the development team has once again implemented customer requirements to the point to make it more user friendly.


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