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March 3, 2022: Germany – Eplan, a solutions provider, is presenting a new service, Eplan Marketplace, an international platform that networks users of CAE software and service providers — for example, in engineering, control cabinet manufacture, panel building, and consulting. In these Eplan environments, quick access to service providers ensures trouble-free working on a project, even in the face of resource issues. The new Eplan Marketplace is now live, giving companies all around the world quick access to service providers in the domains covered by Eplan. People can look for providers that offer services related to Eplan applications on this platform, which is accessible via Eplan’s website.

Spend your time finding rather than searching

Marco Litto, Senior Vice President Strategy & Corporate Program, Eplan

The objective for the service’s initiators at Eplan is simple: “We want our customers around the world to be successful,” says Marco Litto, Senior Vice President, Strategy & Corporate Program, Eplan. Day-to-day business demonstrates that the project business has many of its own challenges with data preparation and integration, which companies cannot always solve on their own. They frequently require personnel resources as well. This prompts the question: which CAE software provider, specifically in the Eplan environment, is suitable for this? Then the arduous search begins, especially in larger countries with less Eplan competence. Until now, Eplan Sales has aided in the establishment of contact with companies. With the Marketplace, this search process will be simplified.

Quick access to global suppliers

The Eplan Marketplace is segmented into three sectors. The ‘Engineering Services’ sector comprises services such as developing schematics, hardware design, or setting up device data. Companies, for example, may be able to find what they’re seeking to compensate for project bottlenecks. The ‘Module Manufacturing Service’ sector includes services such as control cabinet engineering, panel building, cabling assembly, and wire harness creation. ‘General Consulting’ refers to service providers who advise joint customers on ERP, PLM, or software development (PLC, visualization, etc.). Users can filter which providers are acceptable for which tasks by searching for the software in use, type of services, or country-specific region. Contact with the companies can also be made directly through the platform.

 A map-based view makes it easy to find which suppliers can provide support in the international market environment.

How does it function? Service providers can register for free on a website. Participation in the Eplan Marketplace requires demonstrated qualifications, such as an employee who has trained to become an Eplan Certified Engineer and an evaluation from at least one reference client. Eplan managers next validate the provider and qualifications, and the company is subsequently listed in the Marketplace following a successful check. The listing, as well as its use, are, of course, free. Users can send an enquiry to the service provider via the contact form; services are then agreed upon and invoiced outside of the Marketplace. Feedback can be left on the platform to assist other interested parties in choosing their future service provider.

The Marketplace now has 60 small and medium-sized enterprises listed, and solution provider Eplan intends to expand its offerings here. Companies with relevant engineering experience from around the world are encouraged to register for the Marketplace.

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