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EVOLVE Electrical, Mechanical v7.4 Introduces New Features to Elevate BIM Efficiency for MEP Projects

ATLANTA, GA, USA, May 3, 2024 — EVOLVE, the cutting-edge BIM software designed to seamlessly integrate with Autodesk Revit, is announcing the launch of EVOLVE Mechanical and EVOLVE Electrical Version 7.4. The new version includes features to make Revit easier to use for BIM designers working on MEP projects. In addition to new features, the update includes dozens of enhancements based on customer feedback and various bug fixes to create a seamless user experience.

Here’s a look at some of the new features included in EVOLVE Mechanical and EVOLVE Electrical 7.4:

Auto-Routing Electrical: Tackling the complex task of conduit routing head-on, EVOLVE Electrical’s new auto-routing feature simplifies the process. With the ability to handle multiple conduits originating from various points along a user-defined pathway, this feature streamlines conduit modeling, providing a significant decrease in time spent modeling conduit.

Detailers now have the power to swiftly route, size, and label conduits along designated pathways. Conduit-related tasks now process 33% faster. Additionally, EVOLVE automates the population of crucial wire fill information, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in preliminary conduit routes and facilitating smoother adjustments and modifications.

Quick Offset: Available in both EVOLVE Mechanical and EVOLVE Electrical, the Quick Offset tool now streamlines the creation of offsets in system pipes, conduits, ducts, and trays. Eliminating the tedious manual process that often involves multiple clicks and view changes, Quick Offset significantly reduces the time required to bridge gaps and connect elements. Whether used individually or in groups, this feature ensures swift offset creation without the need to handle elements one at a time, as commonly experienced in native Revit functionalities. Users can generate offsets from Revit system families, including cable trays for electrical applications, streamlining workflows and enhancing productivity across electrical and mechanical disciplines.

Element Slice: EVOLVE’s latest innovation, Element Slice, revolutionizes the modeling of conduits, ducts, pipes and trays with unprecedented speed and accuracy. By integrating with Smartbend Multitrim or Quick Offset, this feature enables users to cut gaps into elements effortlessly, accelerating the modeling process to unprecedented levels. Combining Element Slice with EVOLVE’s auto-routing solutions empowers users to bridge gaps and reconnect elements seamlessly, eliminating unnecessary steps and maximizing efficiency in MEP projects.

“The 7.4 update represents a significant milestone in our commitment to empowering MEP professionals with the tools they need to enhance project efficiency,” said Adam Heon, EVOLVE Director of Product at EVOLVE. “EVOLVE is dedicated to continuing to push the boundaries of innovation in BIM software, enabling BIM designers to achieve unparalleled levels of productivity and accuracy in their designs.”

EVOLVE’s latest features are now available to users, promising to revolutionize the way MEP projects are executed, from design to implementation. Download the newest version here. See the full details in the release notes for Mechanical and the release notes for Electrical. 

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