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Italian Industrial Springs Manufacturer Mollificio Bordignon Publishes 3D CAD Catalog Powered by CADENAS

AUGSBURG, Germany, Apr 29, 2024 – Mollificio Bordignon Srl, a company known for its wide range of high-quality form springs, has taken an important step towards digital innovation with the launch of a catalog supported by CADENAS.

Mollificio Bordignon Srl’s catalog, which offers shaped springs for the needs of various industries, includes a wide range of products, from standard models according to ISO 10243 to oval and round wire springs and customized solutions.

With the aim of further improving its offer and optimizing the customer experience, Mollificio Bordignon Srl has decided to distribute the 3D CAD models of its products in a digital catalog based on CADENAS’ eCATALOGsolutions technology.

Simplifying design with 3D CAD models

3D CAD models greatly simplify the design process for engineers and designers, as they provide complete product data and the metadata required for the design with just a few clicks. Thanks to full compatibility with leading CAD software, customers can easily integrate the models into their designs.

CADENAS was chosen because of the company’s reputation for providing innovative and reliable solutions for managing technical data and CAD models, as Paolo Mazzoccato, Sales & Marketing Manager at Mollificio Bordignon, explains: “CADENAS stands out for its vast experience in providing advanced tools for cataloguing, visualizing and distributing products, enabling efficient and intuitive management of technical data. In addition, the platform is highly customizable and can be integrated with other enterprise systems, creating a flexible solution tailored to the specific needs of our company.

CADENAS’ reputation for reliability, customer support and continuous innovation has convinced us that CADENAS is the ideal partner to fulfill our technical data and CAD model management needs while providing valuable support to all our customers.

All the benefits: increased transparency, operational efficiency and optimized user-friendliness

Mollificio Bordignon Srl expects a number of benefits from publishing its catalog on CADENAS, including better visibility and accessibility of its products, greater operational efficiency and improved ease of use for customers: “CADENAS provides a global platform that is used by a broad base of customers and industry experts. This will allow us to reach a wider audience and open up new business opportunities.

We expect greater operational efficiency as customers can search and select our products more easily. CADENAS offers advanced search and navigation tools that make it easier to find the components they need and reduce the time and effort required to find the information they need.

In addition, the publication of the catalog on CADENAS will allow us to offer our customers a better user experience thanks to the detailed visualization of our products, including technical drawings, CAD models and additional information. This will help customers make informed decisions and fully understand the features and specifications of our products,” continues Mazzoccato.

Not to mention the internal benefits for the company: “We expect that publishing the catalog on CADENAS will help us improve our internal efficiency through better data management and more consistent product information. CADENAS offers advanced data management tools and integrations with our internal systems that allow us to keep product information up-to-date and consistent in an efficient way,” concludes Mazzoccato.

This partnership underlines Mollificio Bordignon Srl’s commitment to offering cutting-edge solutions and implementing strategies to improve the customer experience.

The digital catalog is available here.

Visit the Mollificio Bordignon website to find out more.


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