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Maplesoft’s New MapleMBSE Release Includes Variant Modeling Features

WATERLOO, ON, Canada, Mar 14, 2022 – Maplesoft announced a new release of MapleMBSE, the software that helps stakeholders contribute more effectively to Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) projects, resulting in fewer errors and a faster delivery timeline. The new release of MapleMBSE includes variant modeling features that let engineers working with multiple product variants speed up product development by allowing for more efficient gathering of expert knowledge.

Most MBSE projects are challenged with staying on track, keeping cross-discipline resources engaged in the process and feeding accurate up-to-date knowledge from the subject matter experts (SMEs) into the model. MapleMBSE software and services provide a productive, controlled modeling environment that smoothly connects people, processes and systems engineering platforms. The simple interface reduces errors and stakeholder confusion and streamlines the capturing of consistent, up-to-date data.

The new variant modeling features allow engineers to easily generate multiple variants of a systems model in parallel to represent different product versions. For example, a vehicle manufacturer can set up multiple design instances that use different components or drivetrain subsystems.  Using MapleMBSE the variants can be presented efficiently in a single environment, making it faster and simpler for SMEs to add their feedback across all design variations. By reducing duplication of effort when updating the systems model, the product development takes less time.

The new version also adds support for the popular Requirements Viewpoint add-on produced by Thales for use with the Capella™ MBSE platform. Organizations that use Capella to arrange their design requirements into stakeholder viewpoints can now use MapleMBSE to handle the interactions between the SMEs and the requirements at different stages. The use of viewpoints gives improved focus for stakeholders, which reduces the chance of errors, and the regular updates make the model a more reliable tool for key decision making.

“With MapleMBSE, systems project tasks become smoother, updates from project stakeholders are more efficient and the level of detail that is included in the systems model is vastly improved,” says Paul Goossens, Vice President of MBSE Solutions at Maplesoft. “This new release improves the flow of stakeholder knowledge into the product requirements and even across new design variants, saving time and rework. Using MapleMBSE makes it simpler for systems engineers to make model adjustments and manage user involvement, which speeds up project timelines significantly.”

The new release also delivers improved performance across MapleMBSE functions, especially when importing and editing large models. Systems engineers benefit from new options to query the systems model and fine-tune user interfaces to give cleaner data entry.

MapleMBSE connects to a variety of MBSE platforms, including Eclipse Capella®, IBM® Engineering Systems Design Rhapsody®, Cameo Systems Modeler™ and MagicDraw by Dassault CATIA/No Magic. MapleMBSE customers include Nissan, Honda, NASA JPL, and Lockheed-Martin Space Systems.

About Maplesoft

Maplesoft is the leading provider of high-performance software tools for engineering, science, and mathematics. Maplesoft Engineering Solutions provide advanced tools and services for system simulation, calculation management, and systems engineering, helping organizations maximize the power of their engineering knowledge so they can complete their projects quickly and successfully. The Maplesoft product suite includes Maple, for technical computing and calculation management, MapleSim, the advanced system-level modeling and simulation tool, and MapleMBSE, which supports a model based systems engineering approach to requirements management. Maplesoft products and services are used in machine design, robotics, aerospace, automotive, industrial automation, and many other fields where engineers face complex challenges. Key applications include the creation of digital twins, dynamic analysis of mechanisms, battery systems modeling, heat transfer modeling, and bus fleet electrification. Customers include Boeing, FLSmidth, Ford, Google, Intel, NASA, and Samsung.

Maplesoft is a subsidiary of Cybernet Systems Group. For more information, visit

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