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Nemetschek, ALLPLAN Announce Virtual Summit on Apr 23-24 for AEC Industry

MUNICH, Germany, Mar 18, 2024 – ALLPLAN and the Nemetschek Group, are launching a virtual summit on April 23rd and 24th, 2024. 29 online sessions will be led by an expert line-up of speakers from 12 different countries, demonstrating the commitment to fostering international collaboration within the architecture, engineering, and construction industry. Participants will learn about cutting-edge technologies and trends and gain insights into best practices via customer projects such as from CANAM, the largest structural steel, steel joist and deck fabricator in North America as well as the Swiss construction company KIBAG. Presentations will be held in English with subtitles in multiple languages.

As the AEC industry undergoes an unprecedented digital transformation, embracing innovative technologies isn’t just an advantage – it’s a necessity. This evolution is setting new standards for productivity, sustainability, and innovation, providing solutions to age-old industry challenges and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in building and infrastructure projects.

“Enabling AEC professionals to optimize their projects for efficiency from inception to construction is at the heart of our ‘Design to Build’ corporate strategy,” explains Dr. Detlef Schneider, CEO of ALLPLAN. At our ALLPLAN Summit, we bring together architects, engineers, fabricators and general contractors to learn about the latest trends, tools and practices. In doing so, we are helping them deliver a better built environment.”

29 sessions in 2 days

The Summit agenda is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the latest advances and best practices in the AEC industry. The first afternoon of the virtual event will focus on ALLPLAN’s ‘Design to Build’ strategy and vision for a better built environment, as well as the latest trends such as digital twins, artificial intelligence, and sustainability. Participants will gain insight into the latest efficient workflows and technologies that are shaping the future for architects, structural engineers, detailers, fabricators and contractors, paving the way for improved project outcomes.

In addition to customer presentations, key sessions on the first afternoon will explore the revolutionary impact of digital twin technology on the building lifecycle, driving efficiency and sustainability to new heights. Another session will take a deep dive into the transformative impact of cloud technology on collaboration, project management, and data sharing within the AEC industry, revolutionizing traditional practices. Participants will also have the opportunity to understand the benefits and methods of integrating multiple material considerations into the design-to-build process, promoting versatility and sustainability in projects.

The second afternoon will take a behind-the-scenes look at creating seamless, integrated workflows across AEC disciplines to optimize project outcomes and efficiency, break down silos, and improve collaboration. Three simultaneous streams will cover architectural design, engineering design and construction planning. Just some of the sessions for building design include, turning ideas into reality, interoperability and integrated workflows, and ways to improve BIM processes.

Practical steps for effectively implementing BIM technology on the job site will be explored, facilitating improved project execution and team coordination for better project delivery. In addition, participants will learn about the transformative impact of automation on the efficiency and accuracy of structural and reinforcing detailing processes, streamlining workflows and reducing errors. With sessions on the usage of precast in award winning building design, from the renowned editor of BFT International, on conducting planning and execution exclusively from a digital model, there is something for everyone.

The Summit will conclude with a deep dive into how BIM enables a seamless and integrated approach to bridge structural analysis and design, resulting in improved outcomes and efficiencies for infrastructure projects. These sessions and others promise to provide attendees with valuable insights and practical knowledge to navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of the AEC industry.

To view the 29 sessions, register now at: ALLPLAN Build the Future Event.


As a global provider of BIM solutions for the AEC industry, ALLPLAN covers the entire planning and construction process from initial design to execution planning for the construction site and precast design, in line with the motto “Design to Build”. Thanks to lean workflows, users create planning documents of the highest quality and detail. In the process, ALLPLAN supports interdisciplinary collaboration on projects in building construction and infrastructure engineering with integrated cloud technology. Over 600 employees worldwide continue the company’s success story with passion. ALLPLAN, headquartered in Munich, is part of the Nemetschek Group, the pioneer for digital transformation in the construction industry. For more information, visit

About Nemetschek Group

The Nemetschek Group is a globally leading software provider for digital transformation in the AEC/O and media industries. Its intelligent software solutions cover the entire lifecycle of building and infrastructure projects and enable creatives to optimize their workflows. Customers can design, build, and manage buildings and infrastructures more efficiently and sustainably and develop digital content such as visualizations, films and computer games more creatively. The software provider is driving innovations such as digital twins as well as open standards (OPEN BIM), and sustainability in the AEC/O industry, constantly expanding its portfolio by also investing in deep-tech startups. Currently more than seven million users worldwide are shaping the world with the customer-focused solutions of our four divisions. Founded by Prof. Georg Nemetschek in 1963, the Nemetschek Group today employs around 3,600 experts globally.

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