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Trace Software Launches elec calc Project Online Collaborative Platform

ST. ROMAIN, France, May 18, 2023 – Trace Software is pleased to announce the launch of elec calc Project, a connector of Trace Connect platform, that enables online collaboration on elec calc projects as well as with all the products in the range: elec calc BIM, elec calc GRID, elec calc Reader or QuickSchem.

The platform allows projects to be stored and shared online. The history of all documentation related to a project can be posted on the platform and shared with all project stakeholders. All information is then available online according to the defined access levels.

The benefits of online collaboration

For each of the products in the elec calc range, users have a native integration of their project on the cloud. Thanks to the electronic document management (EDM), it is possible to create specific directories as well as to share files, quickly and easily, in order to ensure the proper organization of work procedures. Finally, the platform’s integrated explorer allows intuitive navigation between the various project files. Users also have a management system for their user groups togrant them specific access to documents and projects.

“Today collaboration is a major issue for the success of projects, whether it is the number of people involved or simply the size of the files, it is very complicated to set up file sharing between different entities before even talking about processes. elec calc Project will constitute the backbone of a project. It allows to interact with the different actors and to make the different deliverables evolve, from the documentation through the calculation note to the digital model, all in a secure environment.” – Jérôme MULLIE, Technical Director.

Unmatched features for electrical projects

  • Provision of “native” cloud project integration from elec calc
  • Visualisation of the elec calc range files
  • Simulation of operating modes and calculation results
  • Visualisation and sharing of all or part of the schematic library / blueprints to groups of users
  • Automatic management of workflows for QuickSchem statements and document approvals
  • Implementation of specialised directories that ensure workflows and controls with the platform’s EDM

About Trace Software International

For more than 30 years, Trace Software has been designing software for the design and operation of electrical and solar installations for building and industry. Trace Software’s solutions cover the needs of electrical and photovoltaic projects, from design to operation and network dimensioning. The company is also present on the digital mock-up market with a complete platform for the design of electrical installations in Open BIM.

Based in Saint-Romain de Colbosc in Seine-Maritime, Trace Software distributes its solutions in Europe, Africa, South America, and Asia via distributors and subsidiaries in Germany, Spain, Morocco, and China. For more information, visit

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