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Allplan Bridge 2024 Released for Bridge Design

MUNICH, Germany, Oct 18, 2023 – ALLPLAN, provider of BIM solutions for the AEC industry, presents its BIM software for bridge engineering Allplan Bridge 2024. The latest release takes parametric bridge design to an all-new level, allowing users to accomplish tasks at unprecedented speed. Empowered by robust and automated modeling and detailing tools, expanded structural analysis capabilities, and seamless digital design workflows, Allplan Bridge 2024 provides bridge engineers with the tools needed to optimize designs, expedite project delivery, enhance client value, and construct superior bridges.

“We are thrilled to introduce the latest release of Allplan Bridge, which marks a significant milestone in our commitment to empowering bridge engineers and design professionals worldwide. This new version represents our dedication to innovation and excellence in the field of bridge design and construction. Our powerful and automated modeling and detailing tools, along with extended structural analysis capabilities, are set to streamline digital design workflows, making them more efficient and effective than ever before”, says Gregor Strekelj, Product Manager Infrastructure at ALLPLAN.

Burak Kurtman, Bridge Department Manager at Yüksel Proje, a renowned Turkish engineering, design and construction company, adds: “Allplan Bridge has truly transformed the way we approach bridge design. The level of automation and the power the latest release brings to our projects are simply remarkable. We’re able to complete tasks faster, optimize our designs more effectively, and ultimately deliver exceptional results for our clients.”

Highlights of Allplan Bridge 2024

Streamline bridge design with terrain visualization

Allplan Bridge 2024 simplifies the complex task of positioning a bridge by integrating parametric referencing with a focus on functionality, safety, and aesthetics. Explore local topography, waterways, soil composition, and obstacles seamlessly, enhancing visualization and modeling. Plus, with parametric definitions, adjustments like girder height changes are automatically reflected in substructure elements, ensuring a smooth design process.

Import of super-elevation data via Allplan Cloud

Allplan Bridge 2024 simplifies the process by importing both axis geometry and cross-slope definitions, reducing data re-entry and streamlining bridge modeling.

Parametric Reinforcement Connection

Allplan Bridge 2024 introduces a game-changing solution for reinforcement detailing, merging the parametric modeling of Allplan Bridge and PythonParts (a further parametric technology) in Allplan. This innovative approach seamlessly connects reinforcement sets with PythonParts, transferring not only geometry but also crucial data like bar positions, quantities, and diameters. As a result, a fully parametric design-to-build workflow is possible, which results in faster and less error-prone work, and enables higher quality, productivity and profitability at the same time.

Allplan Bridge 2024 introduces a game-changing solution for reinforcement detailing, merging the parametric modeling of Allplan Bridge and PythonParts technology in Allplan.

Free Parametric Modeling 2.0 in Allplan Bridge

The new version expands the capabilities of the existing modeling methods, allowing any element (e.g., girders, piers, decks) to be extracted into a 3D body for versatile use while remaining fully parametric. Users can employ Boolean operations, templates, and free movement within the modeling space. Additionally, the feature now supports combining multiple prism elements in one template and introduces Body Containers, a new object type, streamlining complex modeling processes for bridge design.

Allplan Bridge 2024 expands the capabilities of the existing modeling methods, allowing any element (e.g., girders, piers, decks) to be extracted into a 3D body for versatile use while remaining fully parametric. 

Specialized loads for cantilever construction method

Allplan Bridge’s 2024 new balanced cantilever task simplifies cantilever construction for bridges. With streamlined input for form traveler geometry and construction schedules in a single, user-friendly window, the software automates critical calculations. It handles various load scenarios, including traveler movement, segment assembly, self-weight application, tendon pre-stressing, and accounting for creep and shrinkage, ensuring accurate structural and time-dependent behavior simulations.

Further national annexes to EN

The latest version of Allplan Bridge introduces a code-based design module tailored to key national standards. The focus has been on implementing three new national annexes, enhancing compatibility for Germany (DIN EN), France (NF EN), Spain (UNE EN), the UK (BS EN), Austria (ÖNORM EN), and Poland (PN EN). With this update, all limit states are comprehensively covered by annex-specific limit values and methods, ensuring accurate design compliance and referencing within reports.

Allplan Bridge Reporting Tool

The Allplan Bridge Reporting Tool redefines reporting, streamlining the process with powerful features. It seamlessly integrates bridge design and analysis data, including images, diagrams, and tables, into MS Word documents through drag-and-drop functionality, eliminating manual data entry and ensuring real-time updates. Changes in the project are automatically reflected in the report, guaranteeing accuracy and saving time. Additionally, a post database facilitates easy data storage, filtering, and customization for efficient access and analysis.


Allplan Bridge 2024 as well as the free 14-day trial version are now available for download.

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