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American Rheinmetall Vehicles Selects ESTECO VOLTA for Simulation Data Management for US Army XM30 Program

TRIESTE, Italy, Jan 8, 2024 – American Rheinmetall Vehicles, headquartered in Sterling Heights, MI, has selected ESTECO VOLTA as their digital engineering framework to collaboratively manage simulation data and conduct multidisciplinary design optimization studies for the U.S. Army XM30 Combat Vehicle program.

Rheinmetall’s Lynx KF41 Combat Vehicle

The XM30, formerly known as Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle (OMFV), is intended to replace the current Bradley and is expected to introduce a wide range of new capabilities.

American Rheinmetall Vehicles was recently awarded one of two contracts for the Phase 3 Detailed Design and Phase 4 Prototype Build and Test phases of the five-phased program.

During the proposal stage, the U.S. Army placed emphasis on digital engineering to allow for rapid integration for the insertion of future technologies. The XM30 is the U.S. Army’s first ground combat vehicle designed using modern digital engineering tools and techniques.

For the digital development phase, VOLTA, as a vendor agnostic framework, was chosen to integrate and automate all third-party simulation tools, and effectively manage all simulation data. Using this approach, American Rheinmetall Vehicles will be able to deliver version-controlled models to the U.S. Army at every stage of the development cycle.

Furthermore, leveraging VOLTA’s API, American Rheinmetall Vehicles will be able to build and maintain a digital thread by integrating simulation workflows with other enterprise systems such as their architecture and PLM environments.

“We’re very pleased to be selected by American Rheinmetall Vehicles to contribute to their XM30 effort. Digitally designing a vehicle generates a lot of simulation data, and this data needs to be properly stored, managed, shared and version controlled from a single, authoritative source of truth. Using VOLTA, this data subsequently can be used in multidisciplinary design optimization studies, and analyzed in real time for trade studies and data-driven decision making among all stakeholders. We’re very much looking forward to supporting American Rheinmetall Vehicles in their XM30 development.”

About American Rheinmetall Vehicles

American Rheinmetall Vehicles, LLC (ARV), headquartered in Sterling Heights, MI, with a second office in Troy, MI, is a part of Rheinmetall’s Vehicle Systems division and not only specializes in the development of combat vehicle platforms that provide next-generation products to the U.S. Department of Defense and Federal and State Law Enforcement agencies, but also brings the global group’s portfolio of vehicle systems to the U.S. market.

American Rheinmetall Vehicles offers both tracked and wheeled combat vehicle platforms with associated sub-systems and works in conjunction with customer program offices to ensure its products meet specification and performance requirements for programs of interest. Among other efforts, American Rheinmetall Vehicles is actively engaged in supporting the U.S. Army in two particularly high priority modernization programs, the XM30 Combat Vehicle program where the Lynx XM30 just advanced to phase 3 and 4, and the Common Tactical Truck (CTT) program where the HX3 CTT advanced to phase 2 of the program in early 2023. For more information, visit


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