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Japan’s ENEOS Deploys AVEVA as the Foundation Solution for Refinery Digital Twin Project

TOKYO, Japan, Nov 30, 2022 – AVEVA, a global leader in industrial software, driving digital transformation and sustainability, announced that the Japanese energy company, ENEOS Corporation (ENEOS), has deployed AVEVA Asset Information Management (AIM) and other systems to support its digital twin platform for refineries. ENEOS has developed a sophisticated information aggregation system to leverage 3D data of some equipment in its plants.

ENEOS has set out to “establish a stable and efficient refinery operation system through the use of digital and energy-saving technologies,” as stated in its 2040 company vision. ENEOS aims to centralize the data using refinery digital twins and utilizing big data and AI technologies to enhance the efficiency and the sophistication of its maintenance operations.

To build a digital twin infrastructure for refineries, it was necessary to digitize equipment information across the plants. This included design drawings, specifications and the repair history of each facility, while aggregating the data into a software platform.

ENEOS implemented AVEVA Asset Information Management (AIM) as a platform that can be linked to the company’s other systems in Japan and overseas, such as data management infrastructure and facility management tools. AVEVA AIM centralizes equipment asset information and describes and contextualizes it across the entire plant lifecycle, from design to operation and maintenance. AVEVA’s Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID) tool, point cloud data management software and AVEVA Point Cloud Manager were also deployed for converting to an intelligent P&ID and for integrating digitized information. Accenture helped ENEOS design, develop and deploy the digital twin platform, which captures and utilizes equipment information to deliver the expected value, and build a prototype of the first refinery digital twin. Data implementation and system operation at each business site is being carried out with JGC JAPAN Corporation.

ENEOS is unifying equipment data at the Kawasaki Refinery and Sendai Refinery, creating 3D models of existing equipment, and building a data platform that will serve as a digital twin platform. In the first instance, ENEOS plans to improve facility management operations by centralizing data using digital twins. It will also leverage big data and analytics based on related information to implement an application for enhanced maintenance operations. The Japanese oil major is also considering further deployments at other refineries.

Naoya Yamato, Deputy General Manager, Mechanical Engineering Department of ENEOS, said: “By building a foundation using digital twins, we have created an environment where equipment data can be accessed more quickly and easily. Based on preliminary verification results, it has been confirmed that this system can reduce the time spent on facility management tasks by approximately 10%. “In addition, we believe that the 3D model of the plant and intelligent P&ID developed in conjunction with the construction of the digital twin will be the foundation for visualization of advanced and complex data analysis results that can be intuitively understood by personnel. We would like to combine this with more advanced measures in the future to lead to even greater results.”

Masaki Kogure, Vice President, Head of Japan, AVEVA K. K., said: “As part of its long-term vision, ENEOS has formulated a roadmap to realize the future vision of its refineries and is promoting the introduction of digital technologies. AVEVA provides solutions for combining plant engineering and operation data, enabling the maintenance and integration of all data sources on the manufacturing sites, while supporting ENEOS to improve the sophistication and efficiency of refinery maintenance operations using digital twins.”

Satoshi Yamazaki, managing director, Industry X, Accenture, said: “Accenture’s industry knowledge, engineering expertise and technology skills have helped ENEOS identify opportunities to better utilize, inspect and repair its oil refineries, and verify use cases for its facilities. We are committed to supporting ENEOS as it enhances and rolls out the new digital twin platform across its refinery operations to become more efficient, safe and sustainable.”

Toshiaki Fukuda, General Manager, Digital Innovation Office, JGC Japan Corporation, said: “To build the digital twins of refinery plants, it is not enough only to install the solution IT system, but organizing and annotation of the document, information and data to conduct the maintenance tasks, and the quality of the P&ID to be linked are important. These keys make the service launch and best use smoothly in this ENEOS digital twin project. In this meaning, this project was challenging for us. The knowledge and abundant experience of engineering in JGC Japan Co. helped us to decide the pipeline break points and chose the suitable P&ID objects for the correct P&ID. Our engineering capacity will meet the needs of the digital twins which are increasing more and more.”


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