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    OPEN MIND Acquires Majority Stake in MES Manufacturer Hummingbird

    WESSLING, Germany, Feb 14 2022 – OPEN MIND Technologies AG and Hummingbird Systems GmbH have been cooperating since 2020. Now, the hyperMILL CAD/CAM suite manufacturer has acquired 51 percent of the MES manufacturer. With this move, OPEN MIND expands its portfolio of networked, digitized manufacturing solutions. Even before acquiring Hummingbird, the CAD/CAM system had already been seamlessly integrated into the manufacturing execution system. OPEN MIND’s investment now enables users to better network, control, automate, and optimize workflows across the manufacturing process. Above and beyond this deep integration, the Hummingbird MES system remains open for connection with other CAM systems.

    “Forward-looking production critically depends on transparency and the seamless flow of processes and information. We expect demand to increase because requirements will continue to grow, and many companies out there are yet to implement an MES system,” explains Volker Nesenhöner, CEO at OPEN MIND Technologies AG. “Hummingbird is a great fit for us because it was developed specifically for the tool, mold and production machining industries. We know the value of Hummingbird’s technology. The company has been driving innovations that perfectly align with our portfolio and way of thinking. The MES solution expands our product portfolio and at the same time gives us the exciting new ability to shape the entire process. By integrating one of the leading CAM solutions into an agile MES system, we provide users with a crucial tool for the future.”

    From L to R: Volker Nesenhöner, CEO at OPEN MIND Technologies AG and Hans-Georg Zwicker, COO at Hummingbird Systems GmbH

    Integrated Systems

    hyperMILL already seamlessly integrates with the Hummingbird MES. For instance, the data generated in hyperMILL, such as NC programs, clamping plans, stock information and tool lists, are smoothly transferred to Hummingbird at the touch of a button and are immediately available for production. This means that the machine operators and everyone involved in CAM programming, machining preparation and tool management can collaborate via a single software platform, making hyperMILL even more effective in a uniform manufacturing management environment.

    Hans-Georg Zwicker, COO at Hummingbird Systems GmbH: “Automation and digitization are the key drivers of future-oriented manufacturing. Both companies offer innovative solutions for this, especially for tool, mold and production machining. Both solutions complement each other perfectly and provide a seamless system for networking, controlling, automating, and optimizing workflows across the entire manufacturing process. Together, we’re taking manufacturing to a new level.”

    About OPEN MIND Technologies AG

    OPEN MIND Technologies AG develops and sells innovative CAD/CAM solutions that generate optimized NC milling and turning programs for machine tools from digital models.

    Manufacturers from a broad range of industries around the globe have decided to go with OPEN MIND products because they enable cost-effective and efficient manufacturing. This leads to models, prototypes, tools, molds, prismatic workpieces, integral components and more, all in impressive quality:

    1. Modeling and prototyping
    2. Tool and mold manufacturing
    3. Production machining
    4. Automotive industry
    5. Aerospace industry
    6. Energy industry
    7. Medical implant manufacturing
    8. Jewelry and watch industry.

    OPEN MIND is active in all of the important markets, such as Asia, Europe and North America, with international subsidiaries and a global network of sales partners. OPEN MIND Technologies AG is a man and machine company. For more information, visit

    Nitin Patil
    Nitin Patil
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