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VariCAD 2023-2.0 Released for Windows, Linux

LIBEREC, Czech Republic, May 2, 2023 – VariCAD announces the release of a new version of its flagship product, VariCAD 2023-2.0. This version contains updates in OpenGL settings. There are various new options allowing to solve potential driver issues. Next, we updated the behavior of 2D objects dragging, print settings, 3D objects dragging and configuration of usage of two monitors. In sketching, there is a new feature automatically fixing small gaps within extruded/rotated contours.

The new version contains:

OpenGL Settings.

The new version can exploit the latest OpenGL standard (4.6), while you can still work with lower versions (4.3 or 4.0). Updated VariCAD works according to previous settings, unless you change it explicitly.

Command “cfg” offers you a new section – OpenGL advanced settings. These settings are helpful in case the graphic does not work flawlessly. Moreover, we provide a tool which can easily restart VariCAD in case of problems. Now, VariCAD works well also for the latest versions of Mesa library under Linux.

 Dragging of 2D Objects in 2D Area or in Sketching.

Contrary to previous versions, there is no longer a dialog asking you about copying or moving. If you want to copy selected objects, simply put them in their original location first. For dragging, you can use the intersection of temporary leading lines. The behavior is similar to copying or moving 3D objects.

Dragging of 3D Objects while Changing Dimensions.

If you want to change the dimensions of basic shapes (like a box, cylinder, cone…), you can stretch a corresponding dimension. Edited 3D objects are changed dynamically according to cursor movement. Similarly, you can drag the height of an extruded solid, if you create or edit an object by sketching. Now, you can snap on 3D locations during dragging (snap on end-points, mid-points, circle centers…). This feature can be optionally turned off in command “cfg”.

Preview of Inactive Documents.

This feature was introduced in the previous release. Now, the preview is displayed in all possible situations. If you want to leave VariCAD and if there are some unsaved changes, the preview is displayed for all of them, except the situation when the only changed document is the active one. Similarly, you can see previews if you want to perform “save all” and there are multiple unchanged “NONAME” documents.

Another new feature is the preview of all files related to assembly structure. The dialog panel contains a preview section displaying currently open documents, as well as documents not open – then, a preview used in file-dialog is displayed. The list of files contains multiple new information.

Working with Two Monitors.

It is no longer necessary to define explicitly where VariCAD will be displayed. Simply drag and drop the entire VariCAD window to the left or right monitor. Next, VariCAD will start there. Note that the second VariCAD instance (a read-only) has different settings. You can still define the VariCAD location in the “cfg” command, as it was previously.

Repairing Gaps in a Selected Profile.

While defining contours to be extruded (or rotated, or lofted…), you can automatically detect and repair gaps between adjacent segments. Width of the gap can be selected. By default, gaps up to 0.025 mm are detected and repaired. The width can be set up to 0.25 mm. If a gap is detected, it is repaired by extending or trimming to the intersection with the neighboring segment, or in case of NURBS, by recalculating it.

Detection and repairing of gaps is available from the pop-up menu while sketching contours, or from a command “rgp” – which is also active in 2D drawing. If untreated, gaps within micrometers or less may cause problems in working with 3D solids. Gaps usually originate by importing 2D objects.

Printed Lines Thickness Settings.

The dialog panels are rebuilt. Now, you can define thickness legibly in one dialog.

To evaluate a free 30-day license, download it here.

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