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ZWSOFT Releases ZWCAD 2024

GUANGZHOU, China, May 31, 2023 – ZWSOFT, a reliable all-in-one CAx solutions provider, announced the release of ZWCAD 2024, the latest version of its powerful 2D CAD solution. This version is packed with many exciting features and enchantments that will help you create amazing things faster and easier.

Kyle HE, Product Manager of ZWCAD, stated, “ZWCAD 2024 represents a milestone in our product development. Its stability and performance have reached new heights, and it includes many highly anticipated features such as Flexiblock and Point Cloud. We are confident that this release will captivate the CAD community and solidify ZWCAD’s reputation as a reliable and powerful 2D CAD solution.”

In this article, we will delve into the latest additions to ZWCAD 2024 and how they can benefit you as a CAD user.

Efficiency Improvement

ZWCAD 2024 has revolutionized the user experience, allowing users to open, view, edit and save files faster and smoother. Leveraging multi-thread parallel computing, hardware acceleration, and incremental saving, users can fully harness their PC’s hardware capabilities. This results in a seamless design process throughout. Our performance tests show that ZWCAD 2024 is, on average, 2.8x faster than ZWCAD 2023 in performing common operations. It even outperforms its competitors. In simpler terms, you can get your work done quicker and more seamlessly than ever before.


Block is an essential feature for users in both the AEC and manufacturing industries. For example, interior designers use blocks to create windows and doors. ZWCAD 2024 introduces Flexiblock, a block similar to AutoCAD® dynamic block. With parameters and actions, it allows you to change its shape freely without creating multiple blocks. This significantly saves time in creating blocks and streamlines the process.

ZWCAD 2024 now supports the conversion from AutoCAD® dynamic blocks to flexiblocks. After conversion, you can still edit them without losing their attributes. This allows easy interaction between these two programs.

Figure 1. Flexiblock

Point Cloud

Point Cloud is a set of data points in a 3D coordinate system to represent a 3D shape or object. It can support the design process in 2D CAD by providing real-world context.

In ZWCAD 2024, users can read and process complex point clouds smoothly. It can display up to 50 million points at the same time, almost twice as many as the competition. Apart from that, this module offers many useful functions to fulfill diverse needs. Users can adjust display settings like transparency for optimal data representation, crop point clouds to eliminate unwanted data, extract section planes, and manage complex point clouds effortlessly with the Point Cloud Manager.

Kyle HE noted, “In recent years, Point Cloud data has gained popularity in industries including surveying, architecture, civil engineering, and relic restoration. Consequently, the demand for processing point cloud data in 2D CAD has emerged. The newly added Point Cloud function in ZWCAD 2024 can certainly bring more convenience to customers from these industries.“

Point Cloud
Figure 2. Point Cloud 

Mtext Improvement

ZWCAD 2024 also boasts significant enhancements to Multiline Text. It has been added many automated tools such as Numbering, Dynamic Columns, and Spelling Check to help you edit text with more ease and precision. These new tools make text editing in ZWCAD as simple as Microsoft® Word.

Mtext Improvement
Figure 3. Mtext Improvement

File Compare Improvement

File Compare is particularly helpful for identifying changes, and ZWCAD 2024 has refined it to help you compare files faster and more accurately. The Hide Difference option allows users to focus on relevant differences, while Export Objects and Export Snapshot enable the restoration of mistakenly deleted objects and the saving of comparison results respectively.

File Compare Improvement
Figure 4. File Compare Improvement

There are many other new features and enhancements to explore. Learn more on our website.

Try ZWCAD 2024 for Free

ZWCAD 2024 is now available with a 30-day free trial. Download ZWCAD 2024 now and experience the new possibilities it offers!


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