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AMC Bridge to Host a Webinar on Digital Twin: Bridging the Gap Between Vision and Reality on Oct 21

WALTHAM, MA, USA, Oct 12, 2021 – Increasing focus on digitalization has spurred interest in the concepts and benefits of digital twins. Companies and organizations worldwide strive to leverage digital twins to become more efficient and ensure the reliability and safety of their products, services, and facilities. But do we all understand the digital twin concept in the same way? This webinar will explore the nature of related technologies, dig into the differences between the digital twin and BIM, and cover other hot questions the industry wants to know.




The concept of a digital twin differs depending on the environment. Often, it is as simple as a real-time representation of what is happening with physical assets, and in other cases, much more complex notions are involved. Digital twins enable running simulations, monitoring systems, and even predicting failures. At the same time, a strong software foundation is required to build a digital twin and manage numerous design files and massive amounts of data. Then, of course, the question of who should pay for creating and maintaining such a database is still open.

To clarify the points raised above, we team up with industry professionals for a live discussion. The panel will also talk about what makes the digital twin successful, why it is considered a tool to bridge a gap between vision and reality, and which challenges can be faced while implementing this technology.

Moderator: Jim Brown, Founder and President of Tech-Clarity


  1. Igor Tsinman, Co-Founder and President of AMC Bridge
  2. Marzia Bolpagni, UK BIM Alliance Ambassador
  3. Rick Dunlap, Technical Services Vice President of BrandSafway
  4. David Craig Weir-McCall, Business Development Manager of Unreal Engine Enterprise of Epic Games
  5. Jim Quanci, Senior Director of ADN partnerships of Autodesk

Webinar details

  1. Date: 10/21/2021
  2. Time: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EDT
  3. RegistrationRegister here

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