An Interview with Mr. D M Sheregar, President, TAGMA on Upcoming 12th Die & Mould India International Exhibition


What to expect this year from 12th DIE & MOULD INDIA International Exhibition as it has set a benchmark over the years? 

The 12th edition of Die Mould India (DMI) is set to take place after a gap of four years. Since DMI is the only exhibition dedicated to the tool and die fraternity, the event is gaining huge interest among industry professionals including the user industry. For the last few years, localization has been the buzzword among automotive OEMs and they are looking for reliable tooling suppliers in the country. In this edition of DMI, the best and biggest tool makers from around the country are participating which makes it a must-attend event for user industries who are looking for suppliers. Some highlights of DMI 2022:

– Over 50 delegations from the OEMs and Public sectors 

– Latest technology in the display such as additive manufacturing, integrated CAD/CAM software, multi-axis CNC machines, latest injection moulding machines and industry4.0 solutions 

– Over 15 user industry associations to explore business opportunities with toolmakers 

– B2B pavilion for buyer and seller meet 

What preparations TAGAM team have made to make event successful despite the challenges faced due to the pandemic, at the same time ensuring the health and safety of visitors and exhibitors? 

We have partnered with many user industry associations and invited them to visit the show along with their members. Apart from this, I along with all the EC members and TAGMA Office bearers are inviting many OEMs to visit the show. As I said the event is happening after a gap of four years, there is a genuine excitement among the toolmakers. 

Regarding the safety of the visitors and exhibitors, we are making all the arrangements to ensure every COVID-19 related protocol is followed. We will have multiple kiosks and stations of sanitizers and will make all the medical arrangements for the safety of the visitors and exhibitors.  

How is die & Mould making industry-shaping itself in India? What kind of opportunities and challenges you can see?

We all know the ambition of the Indian government about the manufacturing industry. The government of India has said that the manufacturing sector of India has the potential to reach US$ 1 trillion by 2025 and contribute almost 20% of the total GDP. However, to have such a robust and growing manufacturing sector we, as a country, we must have a strong tooling industry as well. The whole ecosystem of the industry be it OEM, Tier-I suppliers, Government body and toolmakers should work together to achieve this target. When I talk about tool makers, I must say that we have huge opportunities in front of us. Of course, the ongoing COVID-19 is still a posing challenge, but the overall future looks promising. After the success of ‘Make in India’, we are sure that ‘Atma-Nirbhar Bharat’ (self-reliant India) should further help us grow. While we should be optimistic about future opportunities, we must first investigate our drawbacks and area of improvement. Indian tooling companies face challenges such as:

• Indian tool makers face many challenges concerning easy access to finance.

• It is observed that the import duty on the tools is lower than the import duty on the raw materials and bought-out components used in manufacturing these tools.

• Duty-free moulds imports from certain countries such as S Korea

• Toolmakers in other countries receive state-sponsored incentives to explore export markets but that is not the case in India.

• In India, there is a severe lack of skilled workforce available for employment in tool rooms

• Lack of outsourcing ecosystem

What latest technologies would be exhibited in DIE & MOULD INDIA and how open are companies in to adopting the latest technologies to stay attuned to the current industry working trends? 

Looking at the exhibitor count and the kind of companies we are having at this edition of DMI, I have a feeling that we are going to witness some of the latest technologies in the field of tool making. At this edition of DMI, we will have the latest 5-axis CNC machines equipped with industry4.0 features; injection moulding machines; cutting tools with new geometries; latest software for design, manufacturing & simulation and not to forget additive manufacturing solutions. 

In the Indian manufacturing space, the scenario has changed drastically in the last few years. With the presence of many global brands in India, the expectation level from customers has increased in terms of speed and accuracy. To cater to such demand, toolmakers have no option but to adopt the latest technologies. I see companies are adopting best-in-class machines and software. 

What kind of technologies (design, simulation, CAM, manufacturing, 3D printing) would be exhibited and what is your suggestion to the die & mould-making industry? How visiting exhibition would help die and mould professionals? 

From CAD viewer platform to integrated CADCAM software, we are going to have all types of software needed for the design, manufacturing and analysis. We also will have software that can help companies automate their production processes with data and AI. As industry4.0 solutions are gaining acceptance in the Indian industry, I also expect many solutions in the same domain. By visiting the event, die mould professionals will be able to know the latest technologies, understand the market sentiment and gauge expectations from the user industry. 


How Indian industries are arming themselves to face global competition?

As I said before, the level of efficiency and productivity of Indian companies have improved significantly in recent years as they are catering to some of the largest global brands. However, to get to the leadership position we need to correct many things such as business-friendly policy, skill development, technology adoption, among others. The government has launched many campaigns to strengthen Indian manufacturing SMEs. Campaigns such as PLI schemes on various industries, Atmanirbhar Bharat is helping the domestic players in attaining better productivity. The only way one can compete in the global market is by enhancing efficiency & accuracy and making products cost-effectively and I feel Indian companies, with the adoption of the latest technologies, can compete with global brands.

What are the key drivers of growth for the industry? How do you expect the die mould industry to perform in 2022 and beyond?

As a toolmaker myself, I am very much positive about the future. After the covid disruption, I see many positive trends emerging which will also be the key driver for the growth of the tooling industry:

  • The growth of the automotive industry with the emergence of EV and safety norms is a positive sign for us 
  • World over, manufacturers are looking for China alternatives and India is emerging as the biggest contender for the same 
  • The emergence of many sectors in India. The demand from industries such as toy making, aerospace, defence, medical, infrastructure is immense, and we must gear up for the same. 

I see the year 2022, as the year of revival. The current scenario demands disruption in the way we do business be it production, sales, marketing, or sourcing. This Pandemic has taught us many things. Going digital is no more an option but a compulsion. For a long time, industry4.0 and smart manufacturing were a buzzword, now the time has come to make it a reality. We must adopt futuristic technologies to be able to compete globally. So I feel that toolmakers upgrade their facility, adopting the latest technologies and diversifying to other emerging sectors. 

Thank you Mr. D M Sheregar for taking the time for the interview for DailyCADCAM’s readers. It was great learning more about the TAGMA INDIA’s Upcoming 12th Die & Mould India International Exhibition from 27th April to 30th April 2022 Bombay Exhibition Centre, Goregaon, Mumbai, India.

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