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TECHNIA’s LiteBox3D v2.0 Supports JT, STEM ISO Standards for 3D Data

KISTA, Sweden, Mar 21, 2022 – TECHNIA, the #1 knowledge leaders in PLM and Engineering, announced the release of LiteBox3D version 2, which now supports the two major ISO standards for 3D engineering data: JT and STEP.

JT (Jupiter Tessellation) and STEP (Standard for the Exchange of Product Model Data) are categorized under the standards ISO 14306 & ISO 10303, respectively. With Lite3D, TECHNIA are establishing 3D as a fast and efficient, common corporate language, by providing all users easy access to complete 3D data – with the right quality and content.

This technology supports the MBE (Model-Based Enterprise) approach which replaces drawings with a single 3D model containing all relevant engineering and manufacturing details. This approach sets out to enhance productivity, reduce development risk, improve quality, and enhance collaboration.

“We continue to enhance the Lite3D product portfolio with strong focus on our customers The support of STEP is the perfect complement to our existing solution and is a great fit with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.” – Marcus Larsson, Director Software & Global Services at TECHNIA.

“STEP AP242 is gaining popularity and companies are expressing increasing interest in the format. To meet the demand, we’ve initiated the development of our own ISO based STEP toolkit. We are proud to announce LiteBox3D as the first free viewer on the market supporting both industry standards.” – Arnd Feye, Department Manager Software R&D at TECHNIA.

LiteBox3D version 2 is released as part of the Lite3D product portfolio 2022.1 and is free for commercial and personal use.

Discover the advantages of easy, collaborative access to complete 3D data. Download LiteBox3D today,


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Nitin Patil
Nitin Patil
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