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Nanosoft Announces nanoCAD 22 Beta Testing Program

Nanosoft Announces nanoCAD 22 Beta Testing Program

MOSCOW, Russia, Mar 1, 2022 – Nanosoft, nanoCAD software vendor, is inviting to the beta-tester program for nanoCAD 22 Platform with 5 professional modules.

Nanosoft recently released nanoCAD 21, and now it is ready to introduce more features in beta version of nanoCAD 22 platform with 5 professional modules. Nanosoft developers have worked hard to improve commands and fix previous bugs.

What’s new in nanoCAD 22?

New in the nanoCAD 22 Platform:

  • Floating document windows
  • Optimized performance on 4K screens
  • Faster file opening
  • 3D snaps for solid objects
  • Associative Arrays By Path
  • Bounding Prism interface redesigned
  • Drawing Explorer redesigned
  • Updated Spell Check toolbar
  • Purge Document command is purging a Sort Table
  • Big improvements in Point Clouds – new point cloud formats, geotagging, point clouds data recalculation, API etc.

New in the 3D modeling Module:

  • 3D Block Editor
  • Section of 3D Objects command
  • Direct Insertion of 2D views into Layouts
  • Automatic constraints in Sketch mode

New in the Topoplan Module:

  • Specialized tools for splitting a drawing into sheets for printing
  • Creating a Slope
  • Improved import of geopoints
  • New commands for Meshes
  • Measurements Archive
  • Lots of updated commands and improvements

New in the Mechanica Module:

  • Broken-out section views
  • New features for working with Sheet bodies
  • Fasteners’ properties changed
  • New Materials in the Database

New in the Construction Module:

  • New Features of Fasteners

And other improvements…

To join Nanosoft’s nanoCAD 22 Beta testing program, click here.

About Nanosoft

Nanosoft is a community of CAD professionals who have been working in the CAD software industry since the 1980s. We are focused on creating high-quality, cost-effective software solutions for the CAD industry. One of our most important goals is to provide our customers the ideal vehicle for upgrading from unlicensed (pirated) CAD software to legitimate software. For more information, visit http://www.nanocad.com.