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Hypertherm’s Powermax SYNC Air Plasma Systems Now Available in Asia, Oceania

HANOVER, NH, USA, Nov 1, 2021 – Hypertherm, a U.S. based manufacturer of industrial cutting systems and software, today announces the availability of Powermax SYNC air plasma cutting and gouging systems in Asia and Oceania. Featuring built-in intelligence and revolutionary single-piece cartridge consumables, Powermax SYNC simplifies system operation, streamlines consumable inventory, lowers operating costs, and maximizes performance for customers in the shipbuilding, construction & machinery, structural steel, or transportation industries.


powermaxsyncHypertherm’s  Powermax SYNC Air Plasma Systems


Powermax SYNC and its SmartSYNC torch replaces the traditional five-piece consumable stack-up with an easy-to-identify single-piece cartridge consumable that is color coded by process to eliminate confusion and simplify consumable inventory management. Technology embedded in each cartridge automatically sets the correct amperage, air pressure, and operating mode and displays a prompt when a new cartridge is needed. Additionally, controls on the SmartSYNC torch allow operators to adjust the amperage and change the cartridge without returning to the power supply.

The Hypertherm cartridge for Powermax systems is manufactured as a single piece to ensure that all parts are perfectly aligned and optimized for the best possible performance. As a result, the cartridge will last up to twice as long and deliver cleaner cuts when compared with traditional consumables. It can even track data — such as start and arc-on time — to identify trends, enhance the efficiency of cutting processes, and to improve end-of-life detection.

“We are very excited to begin shipping these ground-breaking Powermax SYNC systems across Asia and Oceania,” said Aaron Zou, Hypertherm Regional Director for Asia. “With these next-generation plasma systems, customers can expect significantly improved productivity and efficiency through the incredible ease of use, lowered operating cost, and enhanced performance. Companies can simplify their operations and minimize downtime, troubleshooting, and training time.”

To demonstrate the new features offered with the Powermax SYNC systems, Hypertherm will host an end user event in November. Visit to learn more.

About Hypertherm

Hypertherm engineers and manufactures industrial cutting products used by companies around the world to build ships, airplanes, and railcars, construct steel buildings, manufacture heavy equipment, and more. Its products include cutting systems, CNCs, and software trusted for performance and reliability that result in increased productivity and profitability for hundreds of thousands of businesses. Founded in 1968 and based in New Hampshire, Hypertherm is a 100 percent Associate owned company, employing more than 1,800 Associates, with operations and partner representation worldwide. Learn more at

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