Thursday, June 8, 2023

B9Creations Launches B9 Core 6 Series MPro Large-Format, High-Resolution 3D Printer

RAPID CITY, SD, USA, May 8, 2023 – B9Creations, a global provider of 3D printing solutions unveils its largest-format 3D printer and accompanying industrial-grade post-processing unit at the RAPID + TCT Conference in Boston.

With a build volume of 192 x 108 x 304 mm and effective resolution finer than 40µm, the B9 Core 6 Series MPro 3D printer is ideal for customers who need an expanded design space without sacrificing the ultra-high resolution and accuracy B9Creations platforms are known for.

B9Creations has developed state-of-the-art technology that delivers tolerances meeting or exceeding those of traditional and precision manufacturing equipment, powering 3D printing to operate with equal capability and credibility – opening the door to fully scaled production.

B9 CleanPro Industrial-Grade Post-Processing Unit

In addition to the Core 6 Series MPro 3D printer, B9Creations will also be launching a larger, industrial-grade cleaning unit, called the B9 CleanPro, at RAPID + TCT. The CleanPro could also be paired with various other AM solutions.

B9Creations’ On-Demand 3D Printing Services

Leverage B9Creations’ 3D printing service bureau, capable of bringing your ideas to life and revolutionary devices to market faster than ever before. To help you explore the integration of B9Creations technology into your business, the company offers 3D printing services for a diverse portfolio of applications.

About B9Creations

As a global provider of professional additive manufacturing solutions, B9Creations has become the industry leader in production, speed, and value across its 3D printing hardware, software, materials, and services. It now stands as the additive manufacturing market leader in high-precision applications such as medical, aerospace, jewelry, prototyping and manufacturing, and research. B9Creations serves customers and certified dealers in nearly 70 countries around the globe. Find us online at, on FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTube, and LinkedIn. 

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Nitin Patil
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