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CIMdata Appoints Mark Reisig as Executive Consultant and Practice Manager

ANN ARBOR, MI, USA, Jul 19, 2022 – CIMdata, Inc., the leading global Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) strategic management consulting and research firm, has hired Mark Reisig as an Executive Consultant and Practice Manager. Mark will focus on Green Energy enablement.

Mark Reisig

Peter Bilello, President & CEO of CIMdata, commented, “We’re excited to have Mark join CIMdata. He has a deep understanding of PLM both from a solution provider and industrial user perspective. His experience has given him a comprehensive understanding of how industrial clients’ needs continue to evolve. Mark’s extensive experience will help CIMdata support its clients in meeting existing and new market challenges.”

Mark joins CIMdata after an extensive career in PLM with GE, Federation, Oracle, Auto-trol Technology, Kraft-Heinz, Catalytic, Day & Zimmermann, and most recently, Aras, where he was the Vice President of Product Marketing.

Mark has worked with all the major PLM solution providers from both an industrial user’s perspective responsible for large global deployments as well as deploying those technologies from a solution provider and consulting perspective.

His experience spans engineering, manufacturing, supply chain, and operations for major global enterprises. He has held leadership roles related to the successful transformation and delivery of PLM solutions. He has also led sales, pre-sales, post-sales, and product marketing efforts that have delivered the value of these solutions.

Mark’s industry experience includes energy, aerospace, defense, automotive, industrial, shipbuilding, high-tech electronics, medical devices, and food & beverage.

Mark holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Technology and Management from the University of Maryland.

About CIMdata

CIMdata, an independent worldwide firm, provides strategic management consulting to maximize an enterprise’s ability to design, deliver, and support innovative products and services by identifying and implementing appropriate digital initiatives. For nearly forty years, CIMdata has provided industrial organizations and providers of technologies and services with world-class knowledge, expertise, and best-practice methods on a broad set of product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions and the digital transformation they enable. CIMdata also offers research, subscription services, publications, and education through certificate programs and international conferences. To learn more, visit or email

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