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Lectra Upgrades Versalis Offline Digital Leather Cutting Machine

PARIS, France, Feb 5, 2020 – Lectra announces the latest evolution of Versalis Offline, the new digital leather cutting solution developed for leather furniture manufacturers. Designed to maximize the efficiency of the entire production cycle, Versalis Offline enables manufacturers to optimize their cutting process while improving productivity, nesting efficiency and ergonomics for faster furniture manufacturing.




The new Versalis Offline is modular, opening up the possibility to working in multi-site operations. The same cutting solution can be combined with several digitization stations enabling the production tool to produce faster (up to 20 hides per hour) while increasing hide efficiency by up to 10% compared to a manual process. Consisting of a three step process—digitization of the hides, multi-hide nesting (pattern placement) on the hides and cutting the selected parts—Versalis Offline enables furniture manufacturers to achieve significant gains in flexibility and performance by working on each task in parallel. Thanks to the power of automation, cutting-operators are liberated from time-consuming operations and are free to direct their skills towards more creative and higher-value tasks.

Lectra’s digitization station with infrared cameras and augmented reality allows the operator to identify hide defects virtually, without physically marking them. Manufacturers can digitize hides faster by working with two operators simultaneously and they can gain up to 2% in material savings by making marks as close as possible to the defects.

A new placement station with the latest-generation of computing power enables manufacturers to nest, cut pieces and test multi-piece placement strategies in a minimum of time; improving efficiency by up to 1.2 % compared to a standard hide-by-hide placement embedded in other Versalis configurations.

The new Versalis Offline cutting solution is now available with one head for cutting large parts or with two heads for more productivity on small and medium parts. The solution is more compact compared to the previous version (3.2m vs 4.2m) to easily fit in facilities that have space constraints. Video projection supports hide repositioning technology to achieve complex and custom cutting orders. In addition, it provides offloading assistance of the cut parts for greater ergonomic comfort and improvements in operator productivity by limiting sorting errors during offloading.

“Industrial Internet of Things offers to boost production speed by connecting cutting room solutions to the IT environment. We are happy to be able to offer these advanced integration capabilities with the new Versalis Offline. Not only will Versalis Offline help increase workforce productivity but its modular options also enables for greater operational flexibility and lower production costs, ensuring a very fast return on investment,” explains Céline Choussy, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Lectra.

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