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Modelon Impact v2021.2 Released for Systems Modeling, Simulation

LUND, Sweden, Jul 2, 2021 – Modelon is pleased to announce the release of Modelon Impact systems modeling and simulation software, version 2021.2.




Key Highlights:

3D Animation Support

  1. Out-of-the-box support
  2. Improved selection of objects – including hiding objects to allow selection of objects inside
  3. Export 3D animation as GLB format – GLB is a widely supported binary 3D-format that can be embedded into presentations





Parameter sweeps with  multiple compilations 

  1. Support for experiments with ‘structural parameters’ using range () and choices () operators
  2. Automatic scheduling and parallelization of compilations

Improved Modelica code editor 

  1. Quickly navigate to a class using hyperlinks – Navigate back and forth with arrows
  2. Improved readability
    1. Theme selection – use a dark or light theme
    2. Code folding – annotations are folded
    3. Bracket matching – see where code block start and end
    4. Block comments – comment and uncomment code
    5. Word wrap – long lines are wrapped into multiple lines

Library browser filter 

  1. Filter as you type with instant feedback
  2. Filter by model, package, or filename

FMU Co-Simulation Import 

Import a co-simulation FMU* and connect and simulate it with Modelica models. A common use-case is to import a controller developed in a 3rd party tool and connect it with a system model.

  1. FMU-import tool that automatically imports an FMU and generates a Modelica wrapper mode

*Support for CS-FMUs generated on the same Operating System that Modelon Impact runs on (Windows on Desktop & CentOS 7 at On-prem)

Support for working with libraries and models with syntax errors

  1. Import or load a library – Syntax errors show up as red dots in the package browser. Light red dots indicate a syntax error in a model inside a package
  2. Resolve issue – Manually resolve issues in the code editor. The editor helps indicate where the issue is

Local equation balance checker

  1. Quickly verify that an equation system is locally balanced.
  2. A local balance check verifies that the number of equations and variables match up assuming sub-components are balanced

Additional features and enhancements


  1. Simulation speed-up – reduced overhead when executing from UI
  2. Improved symbolic manipulation – can in special cases reduce the size of equation systems which improves simulation performance.
  3. Support for Modelica inverse annotation – can improve simulation speed and robustness.


  1. Plotting improvements
    1. Customize colors
      1. Select a trajectory or result point and modify the colors using a plot UI
      2. Color settings can be saved to views
      3. Multi-color mode for parameter sweeps
    2. Units on the Y-axis
  2. Improved source-code formatting
  3. Duplicating a model now preserves formatting.
  4. Improved compiler error messages for failed size evaluations
  5. Improved diagnostics for encrypted models – easier to debug models including encrypted components.
  6. View results of canceled simulations
  7. Improved support for redeclared components
  8. Unit settings support at experiment setup – easier to setup experiments on a larger time scale
  9. Support for Modelica annotation HideResult

Model utilization:

  1. Improved optimization toolchain – support for more Modelica constructs in the Casadi-toolchain
  2. Support of external functions, functions with unknown sizes, nested functions with unknown sizes, enumerations, better handling of if-statements
  3. Increased the performance of CasADi transfer by around 60% for large models
  4. New solver for CS FMU export – Runge-Kutta (2nd order).
  5. Custom function improvements – option to specify if a pre-compiled FMU is not required.

Modelon library highlights 

Energy and Process:

  1. Thermal Power Library enhanced by a CO2 storage separation process​
  2. Significantly improved microgrid in the Thermal Power Library with various control and dynamic optimization options​
  3. New table-based media and their improved creator available in the Thermal Power Library​
  4. Analytical Jacobians significantly shortening run times added into Air Conditioning Library
  5. Number of new realistic examples (Supercritical CO2, Liquefied Air Energy Storage) created​


  1. Modular electrical powertrains added into the Vehicle Dynamics Library showing acceleration, torque vectoring, range estimation in EL coupe, and pickup vehicles​
  2. Vehicle models can be compiled and run on VI-Grade® simulators​
  3. The Simcenter Tire (MF-Tyre/MF-Swift) model has been updated to the latest version​
  4. The gear shift behavior for all automatic transmissions has been significantly improved​
  5. The most common AC electrical machines, AC/DC inverters with examples developed


  1. Complex (multiphysics, multilibrary) high-performance aircraft landing digital twin example ​
  2. A new complex geometry fuel tank model supporting multi-level liquid simulations has been developed​
  3. New types of fuel tank orifice models covering various geometries added​
  4. Common ambient component developed for aerospace libraries


Modelon Impact 2021.2 is now available for current and new subscribers. Click here for a demo of the latest release.

About Modelon

Modelon offers systems modeling and simulation software that accelerates product innovation, development and operations in a range of industries. Modelon’s flagship product, Modelon Impact, is a cloud-native system simulation software platform featuring a collaborative browser-based interface and thousands of proven models and components spanning a broad range of applications. Headquartered in Lund, Sweden, and with global reach, Modelon is an expert industry leader in model-based systems engineering with a focus on leveraging open standard technologies.

Modelon AB is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market with ticker symbol MODEL B.

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