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Trimble Launches End-to-End Asset Lifecycle Management Software Suite

WESTMINSTER, CO, USA, Jul 5, 2024 – Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) today announced a new asset lifecycle management software suite called Trimble Unity. This suite enables owners of capital projects and public infrastructure to efficiently plan, design, build, operate and maintain their assets using centralized data and connected digital workflows.

Combining Trimble’s best-of-breed point solutions for capital program and asset management, Trimble Unity unifies and extends its existing offerings to provide end-to-end asset lifecycle management capabilities that help owners optimize their processes, improve outcomes and lower the total cost of asset ownership.

This unified, holistic approach enables better decisions about asset rehabilitation and replacement, facilitates reliable and sustainable service delivery and helps ensure regulatory compliance. Owners that use this asset lifecycle management approach can reduce the total cost of asset ownership by as much as 40%.*

“Trimble Unity is designed to make it easier for asset owners to achieve core goals — improve asset performance, enhance stakeholder collaboration and optimize capital and operational budgets — as efficiently as possible,” said Hoagland. “Trimble is uniquely positioned to provide all these capabilities in a single solution suite, and we’re already seeing owners reap the benefits of a lifecycle-focused approach at local governments, state DOTs, airports, transit authorities, healthcare facilities and educational institutions.”

“We’ve brought together the very best of our heritage solutions to provide our customers with even more value for their investment in the Trimble products and services they have trusted for years,” said Shelly Nooner, vice president of innovation and platform for Trimble’s Owner and Public Sector. “By making relevant data accessible to stakeholders across the entire asset lifecycle, Trimble Unity helps owners and their collaborators make better-informed decisions at every phase.”

Trimble Unity capabilities include:

  • Trimble Unity Construct: A cloud-based construction project and program management capability that provides insights to improve process control and reduce cycle times. Powered by Trimble e-Builder.
  • Trimble Unity Maintain: A GIS-centric enterprise asset management capability that streamlines work activity, planning and analysis to optimize resource allocation and infrastructure reinvestment. Powered by Trimble Cityworks AMS, Trimble AgileAssets and Trimble Unity Work Management.
  • Trimble Unity Permit: A permitting, licensing and land management capability that streamlines public and back-office operations to manage permits, licenses, right-of-way and code enforcement. Powered by Trimble Cityworks PLL.
  • Trimble Connect: A connected data environment (CDE) that unifies asset data in files, native file formats and 3D models to streamline accessibility and collaboration.

In addition, Trimble Unity includes Trimble Unity Field, a multi-stakeholder, configurable mobile solution that provides a role-based, GIS-centric data collection and visualization experience for project management and long-term asset maintenance workflows.

All Capabilities in One Contract

Trimble Unity is available in a single-contract subscription called the Trimble Unity Asset Lifecycle Management Subscription, which provides customers with many advantages over a traditional point-solution procurement process. The all-in-one subscription streamlines procurement by eliminating the effort of purchasing multiple products. It also facilitates user adoption by providing the full range of capabilities in a single, familiar interface with the same Trimble support teams for implementation and onboarding.

In addition, subscription customers reduce their investment risk by having access to all Trimble Unity capabilities at once, making it easy to try various capabilities before full-scale implementation. Customers can also scale the subscription to their needs by easily adding users or expanding capabilities without a lengthy procurement process.

“Enabling customers to access the full suite of capabilities through a single contract is yet another way we are making it easier for organizations to do business with Trimble,” said Hoagland.


Core components of the Trimble Unity suite, including Trimble Unity Maintain, Trimble Unity Permit and Trimble Connect, are available now. Trimble Unity Field is expected to be available in August 2024. The Trimble Unity Construct capability is currently available under the heritage product name e-Builder and will be available as Trimble Unity Construct in a future release.

Learn more about Trimble Unity at:

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