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AML3D Announces A$1.1M ARCEMY System Sale to US Navy Component Supplier

EDINBURGH, Australia, Jul 5, 2024 – AML3D Limited (ASX:AL3) (“AML3D” or “the Company”) is pleased to announce a ~A$1.1 million1 sale of a 2600 Edition ARCEMY system (“ARCEMY system”) for use by US Navy component supplier, Laser Welding Solutions (“LWS”). LWS has been operating this ARCEMY system under a lease agreement since September 2023 for a Nickel Aluminium Bronze (“NAB”) alloy qualification program for the US Navy. The 2600 Edition ARCEMY system is AML3D’s smallest industrial scale metal 3D printing system, capable of producing NAB components for US Navy applications.

The purchase order for the ARCEMY® system has been received from BlueForge Alliance (“BlueForge”), which is activating its option to buy the ARCEMY® System that it currently leases for operation by LWS. BlueForge is a US Department of Defence intermediary supporting the acceleration of advanced manufacturing technologies across the US defence industrial base. The purchase of the ARCEMY® System also includes an initial one-year service and maintenance contract. Establishing annual recurring service and maintenance contracts is a key strategic objective within the AML3D US ‘Scale-up’ strategy to drive revenue growth.

The purchase of this initial ARCEMY system follows the recent announcement that LWS is directly leasing, with the option to buy, two additional 2600 Edition ARCEMY systems to support the development of metal 3D printed components for the US Navy Submarine industrial base. The conversion of the first ARCEMY system lease agreement with LWS to a sale represents the continuing progress AML3D is making in embedding the Company’s advanced manufacturing technology within the US Navy supplier network. The US is the largest Additive Manufacturing market in the world; AML3D’s most important growth market and, the company remains focused and confident, it will provide a continuing and growing source of additional contracts in support of the US Defense sector.

AML3D CEO Sean Ebert said: “This first conversion of a lease agreement with LWS into an outright purchase of an ARCEMY system, including an annual service and maintenance component is exciting. It is not only a great example of progress against our strategic objective of embedding our proprietary WAM technology across the US Navy supply chain, but it also creates the opportunity to establish recurring service and maintenance revenues going forward.

The continuing momentum within our US scale up strategy underpins the investment we are making in our US manufacturing hub and headquarters at Ohio, We are looking to maximize the opportunities we have across the US Defense sector, especially the Navy’s submarine industrial base, but also across US based, global Tier 1 Oil & Gas, Marine and Aerospace companies. In parallel, we are exploring ways to leverage our US ‘Scale-up’ playbook to access additional, significant Defense markets such as the UK and Australia, which have the benefit of being AUKUS partners.”

About AML3D

AML3D Limited, a publicly listed technology company founded in 2014, utilizes new technologies to pioneer and lead metal additive manufacturing globally. Disrupting the traditional manufacturing space, AML3D has developed and patented a Wire Additive Manufacturing (WAM) process that metal 3D prints commercial, large-scale parts for Aerospace, Defense, Maritime, Manufacturing, Mining and Oil & Gas. AML3D provides parts contract manufacturing from its Technology Centre in Adelaide, Australia, and is the OEM of ARCEMY, an industrial metal 3D printing system that combines IIoT and Industry 4.0 to enable manufacturers to become globally competitive. For more information, visit

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