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OPEN MIND to Present hyperMILL at Formnext Exhibition in Germany

WESSLING, Germany, Oct 1, 2022 – CAM and post-processing are both essential for additive manufacturing, which is why OPEN MIND will be on hand as an exhibitor from 15 to 18 November 2022 at Formnext 2022 (Messe Frankfurt, Hall 12.0, Booth A39). OPEN MIND will be showcasing its hyperMILL ADDITIVE Manufacturing CAD/CAM solution along with hyperMILL BEST FIT, which offers an innovative way to use a digital twin.

hyperMILL ADDITIVE Manufacturing opens up the flexible options available with highly complex 5-axis simultaneous machining to direct energy deposition (DED) and wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM). The application of material can be easily programmed using OPEN MIND’s software that can be automatically simulated to avoid collisions. hyperMILL can also be used to tap the potential of powder bed fusion (PBF), another additive manufacturing process. Additionally, post-processing and the removal of support structures in 5-axis machining can also be programmed in hyperMILL.

Detailed image of the laser machining head in hyperMILL

The virtual world is adapting to the real world

Aside from the special case of hybrid machines, where additive and subtractive manufacturing are carried out in subsequent steps, only minimal alignment of a nearly finished part in the machine tool is required for remachining. OPEN MIND’s hyperMILL BEST FIT revolutionizes this step to prepare for machining. Instead of having to manually align the clamped stock to the NC program using a dial gauge, control cycles, plus a great deal of sensitivity, the hyperMILL CAM system automatically aligns the NC program to the component position. Based on the virtual machine in hyperMILL, this method saves time and increases process reliability. The misaligned stock is probed on the machine by way of a 3D measurement, the measurement log is sent to the CAM system, and hyperMILL BEST FIT adjusts the NC code to the actual position of the component. The virtual world (programming) is adapted to the real world (clamping), not the other way around! The adjusted NC code is then simulated in the virtual machine on the actual clamping setup and automatically optimized.

Knee implants produced using additive manufacturing and post-processed with hyperMILL for optimum surface quality.

Examples at the show

To showcase its additive manufacturing solutions at Formnext, OPEN MIND will be presenting examples from the fields of medical engineering and the aerospace industry.

Turbine nozzle for use in aerospace applications made with the aid of hyperMILL ADDITIVE Manufacturing.

This video demonstrates the additive manufacturing process used to make a turbine nozzle, with programming performed in hyperMILL ADDITIVE Manufacturing.

About OPEN MIND Technologies AG

OPEN MIND Technologies AG develops and sells innovative CAD/CAM solutions that generate optimized NC milling and turning programs for machine tools from digital models.

Manufacturers from a broad range of industries around the globe have decided to go with OPEN MIND products because they enable cost-effective and efficient manufacturing. This leads to models, prototypes, tools, molds, prismatic workpieces, integral components and more, all in impressive quality:

  1. Modeling and prototyping
  2. Tool and mold manufacturing
  3. Production machining
  4. Automotive industry
  5. Aerospace industry
  6. Energy industry
  7. Medical implant manufacturing
  8. Jewelry and watch industry.

OPEN MIND is active in all of the important markets, such as Asia, Europe and North America, with international subsidiaries and a global network of sales partners. OPEN MIND Technologies AG is a man and machine company. For more information, visit

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