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ProtoTech, Thor3D Join to Bundle 3D Measure Up Technology with Calibry Portable 3D Scanner

PUNE, India, May 24, 2021 – ProtoTech Solutions, the leading provider of 3D software technology solutions is pleased to announce the partnership with Thor3D – best known for introducing the first-ever wireless, hand-held 3D scanner on the market.


Thor3D’s Calibry handheld 3D scanner


With the collaboration, end-users would get the benefit of a complete bundled product i.e.  3D Measure Up (the powerful, most innovative, and cutting edge products that have come out of ProtoTech Labs) and Thor 3D’s compatible handheld scanner.

Customers from Apparel, Medical, Fitness industries would be extremely fortunate to get the perfect, quick and automatic body scan measurement platform.

Calibry is a portable professional 3D scanner for digitizing medium and large-sized objects states Vadim Fomichev, Sales Director, Thor3D.

“At 3D Measure Up, our vision is for every human being to have access to correctly designed products which fit their unique shape and provide them with the best possible experience with it. We are glad to partner with Calibry who are leaders in handheld scanners. Our technologies complement each other very well and can help companies, small businesses, and individuals have quick access to ‘contactless measurements’ at a very reasonable price point.” says Rajesh Bhartiya, Founder, and CEO of ProtoTech Solutions.

About Thor3D

The company, based out of Dusseldorf, Germany, and Moscow, Russia has been developing hand-held 3D scanners since 2015. It is best known for being the first company to bring to market a wireless, hand-held scanner and is an expert in 3D imaging and complex data processing.

Thor3D’s Calibry:

  1. Can scan historically difficult objects like sharp edges, black/shiny items.
  2. Is hand-held and lightweight (900 gr/1.5lbs).
  3. Has a built-in touchscreen for easy navigation around a large object like a car
  4. Produces high accuracy (up to 0.1mm) and high resolution (up to 0.6mm)
  5. Has three tracking modes: geometry, texture, and markers.
  6. Captures texture with a 2.3MP camera and up to 3 million points per second

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About 3D Measure Up

3D Measure Up is the epitome of what we call the bleeding edge of technology. A perfect body scan measurement platform that automatically identifies landmarks and extracts measurements from 3d body scans. We can take a photo or better yet, a 3D scan and provide all the different measurements viz. waist, height, chest….over 100 measurements.

3D Measure Up technology can be leveraged by you in three different ways:

  1. Web Application for end-user,
  2. OEM widget for 3D scanner companies to offer their own branded measurement app bundled with their hardware,
  3. Web API for the companies who want to add value to their existing application by incorporating body measurements.

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About ProtoTech Solutions  

ProtoTech Solutions is a specialized engineering software development services provider in the domain Of CAD, CAM, CAE, PLM, and BIM. They help global organizations achieve their time-to-market and business goals by developing 3D custom applications, CAD plugins, 3D mobile apps, 3D web apps, 3D PDF exporters, file exporters/importers, and a host of mission-critical engineering application projects. For more information, visit

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