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Bentley’s Subsidiary Seequent Acquires Imago, Developer of Cloud-based Software for Geological Data Management

EXTON, PA, USA, Aug 4, 2021 – Bentley Systems, Incorporated (Nasdaq:  BSY), the infrastructure  engineering software  company, today announced  that  its  Seequent  business  unit has acquired  Imago  Inc, a  developer  of  cloud-based  software  for  the  capture and  management  of geoscientific  imagery. The  acquisition will  expand  Seequent’s  technology  solutions  portfolio while  boosting cloud  capabilities  to  help  geoscientists  and  engineers solve earth,  environment, and energy challenges.


14Imago establishes a consistent process for capturing high-quality images, which integrate with existing workflows and allow the application of machine learning. Imago instantly displays machine learning insights together with images during interpretation and modeling. Imago’s on-screen masking and classification tools export data to train models. The Imago Cloud library of geology images provides rich information that supports user interpretation and modeling work.


Imago’s  cloud-based  platform enables  the  capture, cataloguing,  and  review  of  drilling  core  and chip images  from  any  source,  to  support  every  aspect  of  the  geological  process  from  exploration to  grade  control.  Continued  development of Imago’s  machine  learning  will  lead  to  a  step function  in  the  interpretation  of geological data.


16Core boxes displayed in Imago’s platform (right) and in Leapfrog Geo (left). The geologist clicks the drill hole trace to display the corresponding core photos in Imago, as a drill hole, at the correct path. The geologist is able to continuously validate the logs and assays using the original images of the rock material.


Mining companies  around the  world  apply  Imago’s  solution  in conjunction  with geology data management  and  modeling  tools  to enable  teams  to make  more  confident,  profitable  decisions using instantly available,  high-quality images.  Seequent  already  integrates  its  Leapfrog,  Oasis montaj, Target, and  Minalytix  MX  Deposit  with  Imago’s  solution, making  it  easy for  geologists, engineers, and other  stakeholders  to  extract  knowledge  and learn  from geoscientific  imagery. The  goal  is  to unlock  significant potential for  mining  and other  industries,  transforming  image data  into  meaningful insights  for geological  activities.


17Imago assists companies deploy processes to improve Core image capture.


Graham Grant,  chief  executive  officer  of  Seequent,  said,  “It’s an  exciting  step  to  welcome the Imago  team on  board to  help advance  Seequent’s  progression  into the  cloud.  We’re continually  exploring ways  to  provide  new  technologies  and  solutions  to  solve  workflow challenges, improve  operational  efficiency, and  deliver  greater value  for our  users  who are working to solve  some  of  the  world’s  major civil,  environmental, and energy challenges.  This acquisition  demonstrates  Seequent’s  continued growth and our  commitment  to  make  a  positive contribution  to the  industries  we  serve  globally.”

Imago’s  co-founder  Federico  Arboleda  said,  “As a  small  team  in Phoenix  and Perth, we’re excited  to  join  forces  with Seequent,  as  this  will  now  allow  us  to  substantially  scale  Imago’s solutions  in mining and other  markets.  We  founded  Imago to help  mining companies  manage the high volume  and size  of  geological  images  and unlock the  great  value  in  this  geoscience imagery.  Image data  is an  increasingly  important  source of  data across  the geosciences—and can come  from  potentially any source, including core  photos, hyperspectral, aerial  photos,  drones, and handheld devices.  It  will  become  even more  important  to  transform  image  data  into knowledge  as automation  needs increase.”   For more  information,  please  visit

About  Seequent 

Seequent, a  Bentley company,  is  a  world leader  in the  development  of  powerful  geoscience analysis,  modeling,  and  collaborative  technologies  for  understanding geoscience  and  engineering design solutions. Our  solutions  enable  people  to  analyze  complex  data,  manage risk,  and ultimately  make  better  decisions  about  earth, environment,  and  energy challenges.   Seequent  software  is used  on  large-scale  projects  globally, including  road  and rail  tunnel construction, groundwater  detection  and management, geothermal  exploration, subsea infrastructure  mapping, resource  evaluation,  and  subterranean  storage  of  spent  nuclear  fuel.   Seequent’s  global footprint includes  its  Christchurch-based  HQ and  R&D  centers  in Christchurch  and  Canada with  a network  of  offices across Asia/Pacific,  Africa,  South  America, North America, and Europe,  servicing  organizations  with leading subsurface  solutions  in over 100 countries.  For  more  information,  please  visit  or  follow  Seequent  on LinkedIn  or  Twitter.

About Bentley  Systems 

Bentley  Systems (Nasdaq:  BSY)  is the  infrastructure engineering  software  company. We provide  innovative  software  to  advance  the  world’s  infrastructure  –  sustaining both the  global economy and environment. Our  industry-leading  software  solutions  are  used by professionals, and organizations  of  every size,  for  the  design, construction,  and operations  of  roads  and bridges, rail  and transit, water  and wastewater, public  works  and utilities, buildings  and campuses, and industrial  facilities.  Our  offerings  include  MicroStation-based  applications  for  modeling  and simulation,  ProjectWise  for project delivery,  AssetWise  for  asset  and network performance, and the  iTwin platform  for  infrastructure  digital  twins.  Bentley  Systems  employs  more  than   4,000 colleagues  and generates  annual  revenues  of  more  than  $800  million in 172  countries.  For more information, visit

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