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Hexagon Enables Manufacturers to Reduce Part Quality Issues Faster with Cloud Metrology Reporting

SURREY, UK, May 1, 2023 – Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has launched a new cloud-based metrology trend reporting software for quality professionals and manufacturing teams. Designed to help experienced users be more productive, the accessible and intelligent software automatically acquires and processes real-time data, so manufacturing teams can quickly analyze and report on key quality control metrics and resolve issues sooner.

Historically, dated user experiences and processes based on analytics lead to user frustration, inefficiency and slower workflows. In addition, companies need to share up to date information internally and with supply chain partners. Metrology Reporting, a Nexus App, utilises Hexagon’s powerful platform capabilities to help companies unlock untapped metrology data from their equipment, identify tolerance issues and trace back problems with a part to a batch ID to obtain a greater understanding of the issue and deliver a fast resolution. It makes critical indicators available for all users through a clear user interface and provides up-to-date reporting on any device at any time. 

Users with any level of experience can now consume metrology data in the cloud. This enables tracking the measurements trends of a part against defined tolerances and quality controls, trace failures back to the source, and generate metrology reports more efficiently for continuous improvement. Users can invite external users to access a live read-only report through Nexus, streamlining compliance reporting and reviews with customers or suppliers.

For more experienced quality professionals, the software complements their preferred desktop applications with an intuitive modern user experience that streamlines reporting and saves time. At launch the App connects to popular metrology software such as Hexagon’s PC-DMIS and QUINDOS and will also support third-party sources, providing instant cloud data management and reporting without any new on-premise IT. Viewing metrology data from PC-DMIS and QUINDOS enables users to monitor dimensional quality metrics across batches of parts, and to drill down into an individual part from mobile devices when away from the shop floor.

Manufacturing teams also benefit from added peace of mind that team members can receive automated alerts when production strays out of tolerance. By logging in through any browser, users can access metrology data wherever and whenever it is needed. Filters and reporting functions help get to the required information quickly.

“Customers can easily upload untapped metrology data to spot trends and address quality issues fast. Feeding quality data back into the hands of people who are making parts is essential to transform quality and productivity, but that doesn’t mean disrupting how you work – quite the opposite. Metrology Reporting augments our desktop software like PC-DMIS or QUINDOS with the benefits of cloud, intuitive visualisation and user experiences, making it easier to work with colleagues and external stakeholders.” said Gary Peacock, General Manager Metrology Software, Hexagon.

Hexagon’s Nexus Digital Reality Platform is designed to unblock innovation bottlenecks and enable multi-disciplinary teams to collaborate across the product lifecycle. Nexus will help manufacturers unlock new data insights, break down silos and collaborate to solve problems faster and more easily together. By connecting metrology data to Nexus, customers will be able to access a growing number of Nexus-connected Apps and Solutions to enable closed loop quality and record missing data attributed to the digital thread. 

At launch, all data flow is currently through Hexagon’s PC-DMIS and QUINDOS software. It will support other Hexagon Manufacturing intelligence software including VGSTUDIO Max and Inspire, and is also open to other vendors.

Try out the Metrology Reporting, a Nexus App, free of charge at

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