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ProtoTech Solutions Releases USDz Exporter Plug-in for Inventor, Supports iOS

PUNE, India, Aug 20, 2020 – ProtoTech Solutions, a global leader in augmented reality is pleased to announce a significant new plug-in to export USDz file format from Inventor platform.

USDz is a 3D file format that displays 3D and AR content on iOS. This Application is called “USDz Exporter for Autodesk Inventor” exports solid bodies to a USDz file.




It will improve the user’s experience with Apple iPhones by leveraging the built-in Quick Look feature to engage AR applications launched from smartphones and browsers.

It has other capabilities like validating 3D assets, seeing data in plain text form, managing mesh data and adding attributes to nodes.

USDz File Format Specification

  1. USD format 2.0
  2. Supports Inventor 2021 and earlier versions
  3. Face level transparency
  4. Supports both part and assembly models
  5. Directly supported on iOS devices, no app required
  6. Texture, metalness, and roughness of material is supported
  7. Default compression helps reduce the file size as much as possible

To find such more related plug-ins on different CAD platforms to help you in exporting directly to USDz or other file formats, visit

About ProtoTech Solutions  

ProtoTech Solutions is a specialized engineering software development services provider in the domain Of CAD, CAM, CAE, PLM, and BIM. They help global organizations achieve their time-to-market and business goals by developing 3D custom applications, CAD plugins, 3D mobile apps, 3D web apps, 3D PDF exporters, file exporters/importers, and a host of mission-critical engineering application projects. For more information, visit

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