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Solibri Announces BIM Equity as Solibri Training Partner in Denmark

HELSINKI, Finland, Aug 31, 2020 – Solibri is pleased to announce the BIM Equity as a unique Solibri training partner in Denmark.

Better communication, constructability and a more efficient design process. Those are some of the advantages that will increasingly affect the way of thinking in the AEC marketplace.

An increasing amount of advanced BIM programs are being used in the design and project phase, as programs that control the quality and consistency of the consultants’ BIM models have been developed. One of these programs is Solibri Office, which is widely used by Danish consultants.

“One thing is to acquire a BIM software – which is easy – by purchase of a license. It is quite another thing though, to implement new software at a level that maximizes the tool’s effect in the design process. Regularly we see either lack of knowledge about how software systems are best used, or simply the lack of understanding of what proper use can bring in terms of financial gains in projects. By opening up a correct approach, we can minimize the risk of errors, mostly discovered at a much later stage and therefore becomes expensive to fix,” Jonas N. Salih, CEO at BIM Equity, explains:

“It is based on this, our passion for technology & processes and our 7 years of experience with Solibri, that BIM Equity now establishes a Solibri Training Center & Consultancy in BLOXHUB, Copenhagen. This in close collaboration with Solibri Inc.”

BIM Equity hosts Solibri trainings at their premises in BLOXHUB Copenhagen, but also offers unique and tailored onsite trainings based on wishes and needs with project owners, consultants and contractors – a service offered throughout the country.

Solibri Basic Course is for those who want a basic knowledge of Solibri to increase the value of the quality assurance. The course will take you through all the basic parts of Solibri with a focus on coordinating subject models, quality assured joint models and performing advanced quantity extraction.

Solibri Office Advanced Course is an extension for the Solibri Basic course. Based on your own project, you will have a unique opportunity to get going with quality assurance and issue management. During the course you will learn how to set up and form your own set of rules – including advanced rules.

Consultancy is offered as an expert service to companies and projects either with the need to implement Solibri’s product range for users with different needs or with a need for very specific set of rules to achieve the desired quality of the project. An example could be that after completion of the phase of clash detection and build-ability analysis, rules for the control of critical building components are set up. Quality control that should be carried out in collaboration with operating personnel.

Webinars are a quick and easy way of acquiring up-to-date knowledge of collaboration and quality assurance. We host our free webinar “Reducer Fejl” (Reduce Errors) monthly – this with Solibri as the focus. Here you will find a run-through of how Solibri Office can be used to ensure the quality of construction projects by checking models and sharing faults directly to the responsible, as well as how models are rectified directly in the consultants’ BIM tools.

“Our vision of being a dedicated Solibri Training Center & Consultancy is not only to elevate the already high level of skill at consultants and contractors, but also to oblige the owner’s wish of better processes, improved coordination to increase the quality of Danish construction projects.”, states Bram Lyng Andersen, trainer and consultant at BIM Equity.

Ville Kyytsönen, Solibri CEO stated “The more we can upskill our customers, the more they will benefit from the myriad of features within Solibri. By training customers and helping them customize our solutions, we are confident quality assurance will be a common standard in all BIM processes within Denmark”.

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