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TopSolid 2021 (v7.15) Beta Released

EVRY, France, Jan 21, 2021 – TOPSOLID SAS, former Missler Software, the French leader in CAD/CAM software for the industry is pleased to announce the availability of TopSolid 2021 (v7.15) Beta.




Each year, TOPSOLID SAS invests nearly 20% of its turnover in R&D and enriches TopSolid with hundreds of improvements and new features inspired by the feedback from our partners and customers. This new version of TopSolid is particularly rich with new features and brings to the market numerous innovations of existing products and new products to meet the needs of Industry 4.0.

First, TOPSOLID SAS is very pleased to announce the international launch of TopSolid’Steel 2021, the CAD software for the metalworking industry.




  1. All the power and associativity of TopSolid at the service of metalworking companies.
  2. Intuitive ergonomics that make the application easy to learn and use.
  3. Complete integrated libraries that save time in the use of construction standards.
  4. Rapid generation of documents for production: drawings, notices, etc.
  5. Powerful interfaces to help you collaborate in a BIM environment.


TopSolid’Design 2021 is enriched with nearly 200 new features and evolutions in Design, Mold and Electrode among which:




  1. Graphics performance has been improved: large assemblies are displayed 20% to 30% faster, and graphics resources are used more.
  2. The rendering module has been improved. Emissive environments are now managed.
  3. A new function for automated document production (drafting, unfolding, nesting, bill of materials, export of bundles) has been introduced.
  4. Import of PMIs and Features has been improved, especially for files in the native formats of third-party CAD software.
  5. The conversion of PMIs to Manufacturing Features (MF) opens the way to automate the digital chain from design to machining, regardless of the origin of the parts.
  6. TopSolid makes it possible to import point clouds produced by 3D scanners and to use these points to build exact geometry.
  7. The FBX export to virtual reality and real-time rendering software has been improved.
  8. A powerful component (metalwork) distribution function has been introduced.
  9. New sheet metal part repair functions have been introduced.
  10. TopSolid now manages curved profiles.
  11. Modeling functions for CAM have been added, including an edge protection surface function.

TopSolid’Pdm 2021 is enriched with two major functionalities:



You can activate data replication and share your projects between all your production sites, wherever they are in the world with TopSolid’Pdm Multisite.

  1. An affordable multi-site sharing solution.
  2. Simple to set up.
  3. Allows data replication to multiple remote servers.
  4. Compatible with all TopSolid business modules.
  5. Compatible with any type of Active Directory.

TopSolid’Pdm has a new project explorer. With TopSolid’Pdm WebExplorer, you can consult your projects remotely from a simple web browser on any platform.



  1. Exploring projects and libraries.
  2. Document viewing: Part, Assembly and Drafting documents.
  3. Visualization of metadata and document status.
  4. Users’ right management.

TopSolid’Cam 2021 is enriched with nearly 200 new features and evolutions for all modules:




  1. TopSolid’Cam is enriched with a swiss turning module and post-processors adapted to multi-axis, multi-channel machines.
  2. The BoostMilling optimized tool paths have been enriched with new options.
  3. 4-axis machining has been the subject of numerous improvements, including the creation of dynamic tool paths in 4X radial (BoostMilling 4X).
  4. Dynamic turning machining (BoostTurning) is now available.
  5. The automatic machining of MFs (Manufacturing Features) has been extended and improved.
  6. TopSolid is enriched with new 5-axis roughing and finishing algorithms for machining:
    1.           Blade parts: wheels, blisks (blade disk parts)
    2.           5-axis pocketing
  7. The drilling paths have new optimization options.
  8. A broaching operation is now available.
  9. The management of custom allowances is available for turning operations.
  10. Division of the 3D roughing path according to the tool exit distance.
  11. It is possible to copy and paste machining operations graphically.
  12. TopSolid’Cam now manages turrets with an integrated tool magazine.
  13. The machining feature analysis for cylinders and drillings has been improved and optimized.
  14. It is possible to limit the analysis areas according to curves.

TopSolid’ShopFloor Cam 2021 is a new product in the TopSolid range, designed for CNC operators in the workshop. It allows you to visualize, simulate, and verify the machining ranges produced by TopSolid’Cam. Depending on the authorizations granted, the operator will be able to adjust the machining program. The software improves collaboration between the Process Planning department and the workshop operators.



  1. A solution connected to the PDM, to avoid any risk of machining the wrong part.
  2. The access to the modification functionalities is configurable user by user.
  3. The modifications made to the programs are tracked and logged.
  4. Intuitive ergonomics that make the application easy to learn and use.
  5. A graphical interface compatible with touch screens.
  6. Reliable and accurate simulation features.

TopSolid’Cam Simul 2021 is the G-code simulation solution integrated into TopSolid’Cam.



  1. A fully integrated ISO code simulation solution, complementary to the simulation and verification of the product line.
  2. TopSolid’Cam Simul reproduces the exact behavior of the machine.
  3. The calculation of operation and interoperation times is even more accurate.
  4. The solution has a program optimization function and saves up to 15% in machining time.

The TopSolid suite is enriched with two new products dedicated to Industry 4.0: a quotation aid solution for the manufacturing of mechanical parts, TopSolid’PartCosting, and a bubbling and dimensional control solution, TopSolid’Inspection.





  1. A solution allowing traceability, capitalization, reuse, and security of manufacturing time calculation methods.
  2. Reliability of time calculation compared to estimation by experience.
  3. A solution that limits your dependence on the maturity of the estimator.
  4. A proven methodology to ensure that nothing is forgotten in the costing process.





  1. The solution enables OCR recognition of the dimensions to be checked by bubbling the drawing.
  2. The solution integrates the management of tolerance standards, adjustments and checking fixtures.
  3. Dimensions are recorded on the shopfloor via a simplified tablet interface.
  4. The solution is compatible with the connected checking fixtures and software for three-dimensional machines.
  5. Integrates a statistical process control (SPC): capability study, control charts.


The official release of TopSolid 7.15 is scheduled for March 1, 2021.


TOPSOLID SAS, headquartered in Evry, France, is the publisher of the TopSolid software, which provides CAD/CAM and ERP solutions for the mechanical manufacturing, tooling, wood and sheet metal work industries. With a headcount of 320, the company turned over €45 million in 2018. Every year, TOPSOLID invests some 30% of its turnover in research and development for its integrated range of software. The company was founded in 1984 and has been present on the international stage since 1997. Today, about 70% of the software is exported through a network of 60 value-added resellers all over the world. For more information, visit

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