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CIMdata Publishes PLM-Enabled Digital Transformation Benefits Appraisal Guide, Priced at $1995

ANN ARBOR, MI, USA, Aug 28, 2020 – CIMdata, Inc., the leading global PLM strategic management consulting and research firm, announces the publication of the “PLM-Enabled Digital Transformation Benefits Appraisal Guide” and an associated benefits appraisal and ROI analysis service.

Products continue to become more complex, often with software and electronics driving product functionality and differentiation. Many organizations struggle to understand how to thrive in this evolving reality while providing better products, services, and support to their customers. Complexity goes beyond the product, with more intelligent production environments, as well as in-service operational and maintenance requirements. These are some of the challenges that require organizations to digitalize their business and evolve their current product development, production, and service lifecycle scopes, reuse, remanufacture, recycle, and disposal, to enable true end-to-end lifecycle innovation and optimization.

Today’s organizations must be able to optimize their businesses across multiple domains to maximize their overall return on investment. However, the way to measure the benefits and costs for digitalization strategies remains challenging—yet management wants to know what returns they can expect from investing in digitalization-enabling solutions such as product lifecycle management (PLM).

CIMdata has been measuring the potential benefits of PLM solutions for over two decades and helping organizations develop cost models to establish an ROI as well as how the benefits/cost structure changes over time.

The PLM-Enabled Digital Transformation Benefits Appraisal Guide contains CIMdata’s up-to-date guidance on how to measure benefits and costs associated with any size of PLM-enabled digitalization strategy. The Guide contains 100 pages of concepts, ideas, and detail on how to develop and measure the benefit metrics critical to understanding how well a digitalization strategy will support an evolving business. In addition to the Guide, CIMdata also offers the PLM-Enabled Digital Transformation Appraisal Workshop, a benefits appraisal and ROI analysis service that augments the concepts presented in the Guide with an extensive benefits, cost, and ROI modeling tool and expert advice on how to use it to measure and financially justify your digitalization strategies.

Mr. John MacKrell, CIMdata Chairman, stated that “CIMdata has been developing and deploying PLM benefits development and ROI tools for all types of organizations since 1997. Our ROI model continually evolves to reflect changes in how platforms are deployed to support digitalization, and this thinking is reflected in our PLM-Enabled Digital Transformation Benefits Appraisal Guide.”

Availability and Pricing

The PLM-Enabled Digital Transformation Benefits Appraisal Guide is available for purchase for US$1,995.

You may find out more about the Guide and CIMdata’s PLM-Enabled Digital Transformation Appraisal Workshop by visiting:

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